Apple watch gets a new "suit" for adventurers

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More photos

Golden Concept designed the case for the toughest and most durable Apple Watch ever made…

The transparent case offers titanium details and a new specialized fluoroelastomer band, making it an ideal option for athletes and adventurers.

In order to create the elegant case for the Apple Watch Ultra, which measures 49 mm, its creators had to devote themselves to careful design and expert engineering. Their team had to precisely craft over 50 individually designed parts to ensure the RS-Ultra fit seamlessly on the wrist.

The team of experts designed the Home and Action buttons to be larger and raised from the case, ensuring they are easy to access even in extreme situations. They've added more layers to the crown, with two purpose-designed rubber rings that make it easy to hold the crown, even with thick gloves.

Available in 4 beautiful colours, the cases also have a rather "ultra" price tag of $799 (without the watch, of course).

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