Baume & Mercier presents an homage to eternal beauty of French Riviera

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At the upcoming Watches & Wonders event, Baume & Mercier will present new models from the Riviera Collection, paying tribute to the various facets of the French Riviera that inspired it.

The collection showcases the brand's expertise in design and watchmaking, evoking the characteristics of this legendary coastal region: the ocean, mountains, sky, streamlined architecture of modern villas, and, of course, festive nights.

Since 1830, Baume & Mercier has been creating timepieces that combine beauty and creativity with exceptional, consistent, and reliable Swiss manufacturing. The brand stands out due to the artistic sensibility inherited from Paul Mercier and has demonstrated a pioneering spirit in the "Art of Shapes" from the beginning. Their design expertise boldly explores the lines and contours of innovative cases, challenging contemporary conventions and highlighting their artistry with understated elegance. Baume & Mercier's expression is modern yet not pretentious, grounded in chic minimalism that never goes out of style and a high level of quality that ensures longevity in every sense. These discreetly luxurious watches are faithful companions for watch lovers on any occasion, always there for life's little highlights.

Riviera Collection

The Riviera Collection, emanating from the watchmaking vision of the Baume family that has lasted nearly 200 years, stands out for its bold approach. The brand challenged the watchmaking codes in 1973 when it introduced an unprecedented case with a twelve-sided bezel and a flat metal bracelet. The watch captured attention and became an object of desire, and fifty years later, it is still relevant. As it explores a spectrum of colors and various features, this iconic timepiece demonstrates its resemblance to the Riviera, the seaside resort that inspired it: its unique style, inimitable atmosphere, contrast, emotion...

Each of the new Riviera models evokes one of the many facets of the Riviera, from its natural features to its delightful dolce vita. This includes the minimalist lines of ultra-modern villas dotting the coastline, the tides that dictate the rhythm on the coast and challenge water sports enthusiasts who wish to tame the waves, and the unique blend of natural beauty and modern sophistication of the seaboard.

The mountains overlooking the Mediterranean offer a breathtaking panorama, while the shimmering waters beckon for a refreshing dive. At sunset, the Riviera comes alive, illuminated by the glamour of cocktail parties and gala festivities that began in the golden years of the '60s and '70s when the jet set anchored here to joyously cultivate the art of combining opulence and extravagance with carefree nonchalance.

As the hours pass, the lights dim. The night dons its most dazzling jewels. The moonlight and the spectacularly starry sky seem to cast a magical spell over the region. In this moment of peace and tranquility, time appears to stand still, and the worries of the world seem to fade away.

This land of contrasts and paradisiacal natural beauty is the perfect showcase for architectural design. Whether it's adventure or romanticism, artistic or gourmet inspiration, the Riviera offers what each individual seeks. From the coast to the open sea, Baume & Mercier invites you to an unforgettable escapade at the heart of the Riviera through six new pieces in its collection.

Model RIVIERA M0A10721: RIVIERA SQUELETTE pays tribute to the streamlined architecture of modern villas

At 7:00 AM, as the sun rises over the Riviera, this special timepiece comes to life, a masterpiece of modern design inspired by the minimalist lines and bold shapes of the villas clinging to this rock shaped by Mediterranean elements. It is a tribute to the passion of the Baume & Mercier brand for the beauty and elegance of simplicity: an ode to the brand's expertise which has excelled in combining form and function since its founding. The person wearing this complex timepiece can leisurely admire the gear trains and cogwheels as exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship is expressed through the skeletonized movement. As it navigates through these picturesque little streets, it attracts attention and resonates with the chic, cosmopolitan, contemporary atmosphere of the region. When night falls and the cityscape begins to sparkle in the background, the watch continues to keep pace, reminding us of the eternal fusion of art and technology inherent to the Riviera.

Riviera Squelette reveals its open mechanism in a satin-finished stainless steel dodecagonal case measuring 42 mm in diameter and 11.1 mm in thickness. Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides reveals every detail. The bezel, fastened with four screws in sandblasted ADLC-coated steel, glows in polished and sun-satin-finished stainless steel. A black anodized aluminum ring visually connects the bezel and caseband. The case back, also twelve-sided and fastened with four screws, is protected by a sapphire crystal and can be engraved. The free octagonal crown is adorned with the Phi logo, which Baume & Mercier chose as its emblem in 1964, engraved and outlined in black.

Highlighted by vertically brushed finishes, the faceted black dial is beautifully open. Its decoration, composed of orderly solids and airy voids, is topped with faceted open oxidized hands coated with white Superluminova that glows blue in the dark.

A self-winding mechanism powers this timepiece: this exclusive semi-skeletonized caliber is designed exclusively for Baume & Mercier. Its magnificent specially crafted black oscillating weight is open to reflect the geometric shapes of the dial. The mechanism offers a 38-hour power reserve and oscillates at a frequency of 4Hz (28800 vph). It is water-resistant to 10 ATM (approximately 100 m).

The integrated black rubber strap features a canvas pattern. It can be changed without the use of tools thanks to a reliable, robust mechanism. Its triple-folding clasp is made of stainless steel and features security push-pieces and an easy adjustment feature.

Model RIVIERA M0A10769: RIVIERA ACIER-TITANE - Symbol of Stone and Tribute to Color and Texture

At 2:00 PM, as the sun warms the peaks of the Riviera, a robust timepiece with a steel case and titanium bezel makes its appearance. It reflects the mineral solidity of the region, built on stone that imparts subtly nuanced hues, even as the blue dial reflects the depth of the sea. The dial echoes the legendary azure blue of this location, taking on its characteristics through the expertise of the watchmaker who designed it after years of perfecting the art of combining form and function. The piece appears as if it was created specifically for this precise moment, this special place. At dusk, as it gracefully and lightheartedly keeps the passing time, it embodies the fleeting moments that make life so precious.

This version of the Riviera features a dodecagonal case with a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 10.6 mm. Its exquisite craftsmanship enhances its luminosity, showcasing its graphic color contrasts and precise time indications. In this bicolor version—a recent addition to the collection—the Riviera subtly combines titanium with gray PVD, asserting a proud appearance. The use of steel ensures that the piece is lightweight, durable, and resistant, particularly with regard to corrosion. The case of this new timepiece is crafted in sandblasted steel with a blue PVD treatment. It is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal treated on both sides with an anti-glare coating. The sandblasted titanium bezel with a gray PVD treatment is fastened with four steel screws in sandblasted ADLC-coated steel. A gold-tone PVD steel ring links the bezel with the case band. The dodecagonal case back, crafted in sandblasted ADLC-coated steel and topped with a sapphire crystal, is fastened with four screws and may be engraved. The free octagonal crown is also made of sandblasted ADLC-coated steel. The embossed gold-tone Phi logo glows at its center.

Model RIVIERA M0A10787: RIVIERA GOLD - The Quintessence of Chic

At 7:00 PM, just as the sun sets over the Riviera, a timepiece featuring a 750/1000 rose gold case comes to life. The quintessence of chic, this watch asserts all the beauty and opulence of the region's carefree lifestyle. Gold radiates through the fading light as the saturated daytime colors of the villas on the horizon dissolve into ethereal nighttime glimmers. In one of the more exclusive spots, hidden from view like a well-kept secret, where music and laughter herald the evening, resonating in a playful atmosphere, someone—perhaps a woman, perhaps a man—is proudly wearing this watch. The fine materials of the Riviera Gold make it a symbol of success and a taste for everything that is beautiful and precious. Comparable to the durable heritage of the Riviera, it carries forth the timeless appeal of artistic craftsmanship that turns time into an eternal gem.

The Riviera Gold features a satin-polished rose gold (750/1000) dodecagonal case topped with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal treated on both sides with an anti-glare coating. Its proportions show the perfect balance that Baume & Mercier always seeks: 39 mm in diameter and 9.6 mm in thickness. The sophistication of the polished and sun-satin rose gold (750/1000) bezel—fastened with four rose gold (750/1000) screws—extends to its free octagonal crown also crafted in rose gold (750/1000) and adorned with the embossed black-lined brand emblem, the Phi logo. The dodecagonal case back protected by a sapphire crystal is also fastened with four screws and may be engraved.

This comprehensive overview captures the essence of Baume & Mercier's Riviera collection, showcasing the brand's dedication to elegance, innovation, and the art of watchmaking. Each model reflects a different aspect of the Riviera, drawing inspiration from the landscape, architecture, and luxurious lifestyle of the Mediterranean coast.

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