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Bell & Ross brand recently unveiled their new release - Vintage WW1 Edicion Limited...

It is a beautiful limited edition watch with a design that combines the world of sophisticated, costly cigars and the world watch making. The combination of colors on this watch is inspired by the famous Cuban cigars, with the same shades of brown - that's what makes this watch an ideal gift for lovers of precious objects from both worlds.

Even the dial’s style and perfectly round housing make you think of color and form of one quality cigar. The watch is a simple and chic, with Arabic numerals with the final touches of gold dust - gold dust is the element which gives this watch a vintage look and feel. The words on the dial are written in Spanish, which takes you away to Cuba, the country from which the highest quality cigars.

The housing, which has the final details of the 18-carat red gold, has a diameter of 42 mm and has an ultra-high curved dome of sapphire crystal, from which it is made the last part of the case. Brown alligator leather strap is connected with wire springs that were used on the first wristwatches, and they give this piece a unique sense of purity and importance.

Bell & Ross Vintage WW1 Edicion Limitada watch is water resistant to 50 meters and comes packaged in a beautiful box of Makassar ebony, which can double as a cigar box – it can easily be transformed into a cigar box with a humidor and hygrometer and it has enough space for 50 cigars.

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