Best smart watches presented this year

This year, the aura of smart watches gripped the entire world chorology, thanks to the grand launch of Apple watch...

This year's exhibition of watches in Basel was the place of presenting various watch making innovations - from classical pieces, to those a little more modern, and of course in the end, smart watches. Several brands have announced the official launch of its smart releases that will surely captivate lovers of precious watches. From TAG Heuer brand, which had announced collaboration with Google company, to Bulgari and Breitling brands that have presented their new creations, we are confident that the sophisticated watchmaking industry will experience a very exciting development in the future. Without further ado, we present to you the most interesting smart watches that were presented at Baselworld.

Alpina Horological SmartWatch

Featured at this year's Baselworld, Alpina Horological SmartWatch is actually designed for ladies who like to follow trends and modern technology. With the case made of sophisticated brushed and refined stainless steel which has a diameter of 39 mm, this beautiful feminine watch with silver finishing details has chorological dial. In addition to the usual indicators of hours and minutes, this model has a small dial that is placed in position 6 o’clock. With a little red pointer, this is the date sub-dial during the day and at night it represents the moon phase. Other steel needle represents user activity or its purpose in terms of hours of rest. Without digital display, which is usually part of smart watch, this model has a gorgeous laser-cut handles that presents information in an analog format.

Alpina Swiss Horological SmartWatch is powered by MotionX mechanism, which has the option of bi-directional communication with iPhone and Android apps. It is a patented sensor that accurately monitors the activity of the lady who wears it and her patterns of sleep and rest. With iOS and Android applications, using simple graphs, this timepiece presents accurate statistics on the movement and rest during the day, week or month.

Mondaine Helvetica 1 SmartWatch

This brand is synonymous with real Swiss art of creating a watch, and now, they have made a big step towards the future with their first smart watch - Mondaine Helvetica 1 SmartWatch. At first glance, this watch looks like any other, but it is similar to the Alpina and Frederique Constant releases - this model also has a smart dial at the 6 o'clock. It represents a smart technology in analog format. This timer can be easily connected with smart mobile phone - for example, its hands can be accessed via the phone, this model can also monitor your fitness habits.

Breitling's B55 Connected

As the first of this brand, B55 Connected by Breitling is a new generation chronograph that connects to other devices. With this model, the Breitling brand didn’t aim to create a watch that is dependent on the smartphone, and it is not at all smarter than the same. This chronograph is the absolute leader and dominant part of this community. It can be connected to your smart phone, just to facilitate its adjustment. Watches and smartphones are the perfect upgrade - every gadget has a job that it perfectly meets. The main element of the phone's screen, so those who buy the B55 model can use their phone to set time, time zones, alarms, display and parameter function, night mode and more.

Users can also use their timer for viewing flight time and it can very easily be transferred to the phone with its chronograph, for the sake of clarity, the storage and the like. This chronograph has an ultra-modern look, thanks to its casing made of titanium, which has a black carbon layer and dial decorated with beautiful blue accents. Black and blue theme continues on the rubber strap on this model.

Frederique Constant Horological SmartWatch

Designed for men with style, this timepiece was a real hit at Baselworld. It represents the male version Alpina Horological smart timer intended for the ladies, and has a beautiful stainless steel case with a diameter of 42 mm. Alligator strap that is used on this model gives it a perfect dose of elegance, while his clasp gives a little sportiness. The little red pointer from Alpina model is presented here in blue. This model is also capable of bi-directional communication with iPhone and Android applications, and it also runs MotionX. It is based on monitoring and analysis of more than 100 million nights of sleep. Using patented technology, this timepiece gives you accurate information about your sleep and activity, and what is best of all, you do not need to recharge it! + and Gucci's Smart Watch

Luxury fashion brand Gucci has collaborated with + brand, which is owned by in order to present the ideal futuristic designed smart watch. It is designed to be independent and work perfectly without connecting to a smartphone. This watch gives its user the ability to receive calls, send and receive messages and emails, monitor his activities and acts as a sophisticated personal assistant that is activated by voice command.

Guess Connect

Guess brand presented at Baselworld their new watch, Guess Connect. Created in partnership with the Martian WatchesTM, California designer of modern smart watches, this edition was modeled on the best-selling model in the world - Rigor. It is fully upgradable, so that in the future it will be just as important as today. With functional elements of Maritan Dual Mode, this watch uses Bluetooth technology to give you the opportunity to enjoy hands-free and eyes-free notifications from your wrist. It can be connected with a number of popular applications and programs, and also offers a voice command, through the classic Bluetooth service. It is designed with an integrated microphone and clear speaker, so you can connect to applications for voice commands of your smartphone. Through this watch, you can reply to text messages and emails.

Kairos Mechanical Hybrid Smart Watch

Known as the creator of the first and only true hybrid smart mechanical watch, Kairos model Hybrid Mechanical Smart Watch is the first model that integrates the Swiss and Japanese art of watchmaking with a fully functional smart electronic watch. Its semi-transparent screen is designed so that it can show the notification from your smart phone. This model uniquely combines modern and traditional design elements watch, and integrates the timeless dimension of mechanical works with the convenience of a smartphone.

Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phones, this watch shows you realistic notifications. The best element of this new watch is the fact that it isn’t useless if your battery died - it will always represent the correct time.

Diagono Magnesium by Bulgari 

This watch is considered complete opposite of a smart watch that we’re used to seeing. Bulgari Diagono Magnesium is a self-winding mechanical watch, which incorporates luxury and technological elements that connect the owner and watch. It keeps confidential information of its owner, without the possibility that someone unauthorized getting to them. To create this brilliant masterpiece of watchmaking, Bulgari luxury brand has collaborated with WISeKey company in Switzerland which deals with digital security and storage of sensitive data. This watch has endless unique possibilities – it can be used for payments, social networks, starting the car, and even opening the door. It is referred to as the first luxury safe on your wrist.

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