Bovet x Pininfarina Aperto 1: Watch with an Innovative Strap Changing System

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Bovet and Pininfarina unveil an impressive timepiece with a new mechanism and an easy-to-change strap system...

Bovet and the renowned Italian design house, Pininfarina, have once again joined forces to present a beautiful open-case watch with an entirely new mechanism and a system for easily swapping straps. The collaboration between Bovet and the legendary Italian design brand Pininfarina dates back to 2010, bringing a series of performance-oriented unique watches. The latest addition to this series is named Bovet x Pininfarina Aperto 1, combining traditional horological skill of skeletonization with an intriguing choice of materials, presenting an exceptionally modern timepiece. "I am very excited about this vibrant, youthful watch," stated Pascal Raffy, the owner of the Bovet brand. "Aperto 1 embodies the passion of Bovet and Pininfarina brands for contemporary and futuristic design in mechanically exceptional watches."

The watch features an ultra-light sandblasted grade 5 titanium case, measuring 42mm in diameter and 10.95mm in height. The case has a very clean and simple design, further accentuated by the rubber-coated crown at the top. The main feature of Aperto 1 is the entirely new caliber 15BMPF09-OW manual winding mechanism. Comprising 219 components, including 38 jewels, the mechanism is constructed by the Bovet brand to be completely open. With a frequency of 3Hz, it offers a power reserve of 7 days, which is truly impressive. The mechanism is covered with black and tantalum-gray treatments, highlighting its exceptional design. The brand claims that "each mechanism undergoes at least 10 hours of manual finishing for plates and bridges." The skeletonized mechanism is fully visible thanks to sapphire crystal protection on both sides.

Another interesting feature of this new co-branded timepiece is the unique approach to interchangeable straps exclusively created for this model, inspired by Bovet's patented Amadeo system. The watch comes with two separate rubber straps, both equipped with a titanium buckle. Switching between these two straps is straightforward and can be done by activating the Amadeo strap-changing system buttons. Bovet x Pininfarina Aperto 1 is not a limited edition model and is priced at CHF 48,800 (approximately $57,000).

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