Chanel watch for true lovers of speed

Something tells us that Chanel feels the need for speed…

A few days ago, the French luxury house introduced the Monsieur Superleggera Edition watch. This model got a fresh design, which combines the look of the Chanel J12 Superleggera, launched in 2005 and the Monsieur series of watches that debuted in 2016. With the Caliber 1 mechanism, the first manual-winding mechanism designed by Chanel, the watch got two integrated complications - instant jumping hour and 240º retrograde minute. The mechanism reaches a power reserve of 72 hours, while being waterproof to a depth of 3 ATM - although we sincerely doubt that anyone would enter the water with this masterpiece on hand.

The mentioned complications make this watch look like a stylized speedometer for your wrist. The same sensibility spreads through the guilloche dial, which at first glance looks like carbon that you could see behind the wheel of some incredibly fast machine. The ceramic and steel case looks as if it is ready for the race track, and it is paired with a nylon belt, which is lined with bright red leather.

This colour also appears at the 12 o'clock position, on a small second counter, and at the base of a window showing the jumping hour. If the dial is not exciting enough for you, we suggest you flip this watch and enjoy the operation of its mechanism, through the transparent back of the case.

Sports watch will offer fans of race tracks and fast machines a smart and elegant alternative in this category, whose products can look like they will fly off your wrist and the nearest highway. If you like this watch, know that you can order it on, and its price is $ 39,400.

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