Introduced in 2002 with a unique marine theme, beautiful Chopard Happy Fish watch celebrates the mystery of the marine world...

Over the years, several marine-inspired designs were presented by the brand, and this year in Basel, they have presented their latest version - Happy Fish Metiers d'Art. This timepiece is manufactured in only 25 pieces and brings you the magic of the underworld - it has a beautiful mother-of-pearl dial that shines with turquoise and gold.

As evening falls, the watch gets a new life - you can see the movements of fish and graceful mechanism of the watch thanks to the delicate carvings. Rounded forms of fish decorated with golden leaves create glimmering effect during the night. This is further enhanced with gradient shades of blue in the form of beautiful sapphires.

Housed in 18-carat rose gold case, this watch, the fish and the surrounding landscape glittering with seven diamonds moving light and enchanting base, which is decorated with three diamonds of various sizes, this watch is something you have to see with your own eyes to realize its true beauty. Red Eye fish is in a beautiful contrast with the turquoise background, and in one motion charms you and all who saw it.

Chopard Happy Fish Metiers d'Art watch comes with a beautiful white alligator strap that fits perfectly with the magnificent fish. Within this lies a mechanical watch self-winding mechanism. Given the very limited edition of this model, you can assume it will be a very high price.

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