Diamonds are forever

Dijamanti su večni

Women have been fascinated with diamonds since the beginning of the world and that fascination will never fade…

That’s just one of the reasons, why every woman, no matter which class she belongs to, wants to own at least one diamond. Men can use their charm to swipe women of their feet, but diamonds are the ones who leave them breathless.

For centuries, diamonds were considered to be special…

Jewels that decorated the crowns of kings and queens were considered to be a symbol of power, prosperity and high social influence. They were considered to have magical powers. Today, however, they’re mostly connected with love, trust, and romance.

Probably, at the very thought of diamonds, the scene where a famous actress in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes sings "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" is instilled in our collective consciousness.

Why are diamonds our best friends for centuries?

When a woman wears a diamond, she’s wearing a connection with ancient history, since the rock she possesses has crossed a very long road: from the mine its’ been found in, to its ethereal shine in a ring or a watch.

More than anything, that diamond on her finger, neck or wrist is a sign that she is loved and cherished. Even long after femme fatale leaves, the diamond she once wore, lives on forever. That’s why diamonds also symbolize eternal life and immortality. 

Those ladies who do not have a diamond keep yearning for this jewel, while women who own diamond jewelry constantly come up with the ways to expand their collections, because you can never have enough of them.

There is nothing more charming than a woman wearing a sparkling diamond on her finger, around her neck or a watch decorated with the blinding glow of these precious stones. Polished diamond allures us with its unique shadow and light dance, along with color, sparkle, and shimmer, which no other rock can achieve.

Their radiance does not age, nor does it die.

While trends come and go, the diamond shine is something that will always be fashionable. Diamond jewelry promises us to become a family heirloom. The meaning of love which diamonds represent and the fact that they are in contact with our skin indicates that they permeate our memories and represent a physical connection between generations. Diamond jewelry connects your family love story with its predecessor, as well as with the one which is yet to appear.

And because of that, you should “shine bright like a diamond”, but not just any diamond. TAG Heuer follows all rules presented by the Kimberley process, in strict accordance with the highest professional standards. That kind of dedication and attention for details makes TAG Heuer itself a special kind of treasure when it comes to testing and setting a stone. Each model is subjected to rigorous tests, like emerging into soapy water and exposure to ultrasound waves.

The rarity of diamonds and its 4C combination is what makes them all unique. Giving a diamond to a loved one could mean that you’re stating how much his or her beauty is unique and rare, just like a diamond.

Of course, diamond jewelry, like a TAG Heuer watch, can be gifted on special occasions like celebrating the diamond anniversary of your parents’ marriage – when a watch is a direct symbolism of time that the couple spent together. In that way, a diamond becomes a symbol of a pure, strong and amazing relationship.

This kind of valuable diamond jewelry presents joy and importance of a celebration, which makes a diamond decorated watch a perfect idea for a present, when a child is born into a family, or when one of your kids graduate from college.

In any case, when you forget about an important event, like your marriage anniversary, only a diamond can buy you forgiveness.

Of course, you can treat yourself with a beautiful watch after getting a promotion for example, or when you simply wish to own an attractive and valuable piece that will stand the test of time.

Whether you’re buying a diamond watch for yourself or someone else, you need to know that diamonds are an expression of the resplendent, authentic personality of an individual. Diamonds also reflect reliability, inner strength, fire and glow, which makes them a perfect gift for strong and stable people.

With the upcoming holiday season, you should choose a perfect gift for the woman in your life. If you’re not sure what to get, you must know that you cannot go wrong with a TAG Heuer watch.

If you want to show the person you love how much you care and to accentuate the impassability of your relationship, a diamond watch would make a great symbol of eternal love.

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