Drake just bought himself a new exclusive Patek Philippe model

The rapper added another Patek Philippe model to his collection…

Mentioning the name of luxury brands is certainly nothing new in the hip-hop genre, but still, rarely do we hear one particular product being mentioned. Still, just a few days ago, Drake changed all that. Just hours after unveiling his new collaboration and video with Future, called Life Is Good, the rapper shared via Instagram with his fans the unique Patek Philippe Nautilus mentioned in the lyrics of his new song, as many as three times. This is certainly not quite ordinary Nautilus - owning one of these models is considered an incredible feat because of the massive waiting lists for the same. Drake's version, Ref-5762, features an even more exclusive pedigree: this model is said to be the work of Virgil Abloh, creative director of the men's section of the Louis Vuitton brand and founder of the Off-White ™ fashion house.

Covered in hundreds of emeralds, this watch is a captivating symphony of green. However, what sets it apart from others is not its customization or custom design - it is quite common among those with millions in their bank accounts, but the fact that this model hides its famous Patek design, and its logo. In fact, the very name of this luxury watch house is nowhere to be seen.

Designed by Gerald Ghent, the Nautilus is a modern classic that has been in production since 1976 and was characterized by its horizontally decorated, sport dial, which has been completely masked in Drake's edition.

In addition to this Patek Philippe model, Drake has several extravagant Nautilus in his collection. When he was at the Toronto Raptors game, the rapper wore on his wrist a rare pink gold iteration, decorated with over 1,000 diamonds, costing a whopping $ 600,000.

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