Elvis Presley's unique golden watch hits the market

The crown jewel of the Elvis Presley watch collection has just arrived on the market.

Designed by Swiss luxury watchmaker Ebel, the 14-carat yellow gold watch is uniquely shining like the King himself and stands out among his other, more traditional watches. The unique watch has an attractive serrated band, a dial surrounded by 26 round white diamonds and an intertwined chain on one side. Meanwhile, on the dial, blue markings provide little contrast.

Legend has it that the late king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, gave a watch to his close friend and reserve singer John Daniel Sumner. He even engraved a message on the watch, "From Elvis to J. D. Sumner, 1974 ". It is known that Presley gave his family, friends and colleagues various valuable gifts as a token of gratitude, but this is perhaps the most extravagant item he has ever given.

Antiquarian M.S. Rau from New Orleans came across the watch in the late 2000s after it changed hands only twice.

"In the 1980s, Sumner sold all his jewelry to the former owner of the Stamps Quartet, Mike Moon, a passionate fan and collector of all things related to Elvis," said the owner of the antique shop. "After Elvis' death in 1977, Sumner encouraged Moon to open the first Elvis Museum in Tennessee, which he did in 1979. This watch remained in the museum's collection until 2018, and then sold to a private collector."

The diamond-studded watch is in excellent condition even after all these years. It was, of course, presented with a certificate of authenticity and a photograph of the singer who proudly wore the watch on his wrist.

In terms of price, Elvis Presley's unique gold Ebel watch is worth $ 495,000.

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