EMC Time Hunter Stormtrooper - new Urwerk masterpiece

One of the most popular watch models of the famous Swiss brand Urwerk is Electro-Mechanical Control, or EMC, which is a hybrid mechanical-electronic circuit, presented in different iterations…

Its latest version, the EMC Time Hunter Stormtrooper, is presented in a white ceramic variant, as if it was really designed for Stormtroopers. As all Star Wars fans know, Stormtroopers are elite units of the Galactic Empire, known for their white armor and E-11 blasters. Scary, cool and impressive, these space soldiers have a lot in common with the latest Urwerk model or vice versa.

The Urwerk EMC Time Hunter joined the Urwerk collection in 2013, and hides a mechanical, hand-winding mechanism and strange measuring accessories in the upper right corner, thanks to which it presents information that otherwise only watchmakers could access.

Stormtrooper is the first white Urwerk watch; its 43 mm diameter case is made of stainless steel, to then be micro-sandblasted and lacquered with white matt ceramic. The asymmetrical dial is matte black and has been given certain parts that are dedicated to specific functions.

Urwerk has also designed indications for seconds, power and EM controls on the back of a black screwed base, in case you ever need it. Moreover, the LED light on the precision display will emit a green light if everything is OK, or a red light if any of the indications require adjustment.

The back of the watch is made of titanium, and contains a large window that gives us an insight into the hybrid mechanism. We must also emphasize that only five such models will be produced, with a price of around 115,000 Swiss francs per piece.

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