Enchanting beauty: golden Apple Watch

In doing what they to best, Goldstriker took something of quality and turned it into something magnificent…

Since Apple does not offer gold iPhone models, the company has created an incredibly attractive 24-carat Gold Apple Watch Series 6 Superior Edition. This watch will definitely delight at every turn, with its unique frame that is handmade to offer a classic appeal, with all the beauty of 24-carat gold.

And while there’s no doubt that Apple Watch is essentially a superior gadget, we have to admit it definitely looks mesmerizing in this new guise. The watch is not made of pure gold, although it really looks that way. Its hand-engraved bracelet is lined with 24-carat plating. Apple has announced that the Apple Watch Series 6 will be available for purchase from September 18th, and it comes with numerous finishes, such as aluminum, stainless steel and titanium, but still, none of them shines like gold.

In its Goldstriker edition, the new Apple Watch Series 6 comes with a magnificent wooden box. The price of the set is $ 7,800, and it also brings you a certificate of authenticity.

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