How to start a luxury watch collection


Luxury watches make the perfect collectible; they act as functional pieces in your wardrobe whilst also making a statement. Not only that, but they also often increase in value over time.

Before you start your collection, you should consider its purpose. Are you looking to create a collection that you can wear interchangeably? Or maybe you’re more focussed on collecting rare pieces? Whatever reason you have for wanting to collect watches, keep this at the forefront of your mind when making any purchases.

If you are looking at building up a collection of luxury watches but don’t know where to get started, the following guide will help you.

Learn the basics

Before you make a purchase, it is best to do some research first. Spend some time exploring different brands and researching their heritage. When it comes to watches, you are truly spoilt for choice, with many brands such as Breitling dating back to the 19th century and still holding performance at the heart of their ethos.

As well as researching brands, it is also useful to look at watch trends through the years to determine what styles you like.

It is also likely that you will need to look into prices too as this varies greatly between different brands and models.

Go classic to start

As with any collection, it is best to go with something classic to start. Opt for a brand that is synonymous with both quality and precision, preferably Swiss-made. Make sure to choose something that can be worn for various occasions and that is going to work with other items in your wardrobe.

One watch at a time

Buying luxury watches can very quickly become addictive. Despite this, it is important that you only buy one watch at a time and space out your purchases too.

Buying just one watch at a time allows you to really experience the watch and learn from it before making your next purchase. It may be that after wearing the watch for a while you notice certain features that you do or don’t like. Giving yourself this time means you will be far better equipped to make a more informed decision when it comes to your next watch. This will help to save you money and means the collection you build is going to be filled with pieces you truly love.

Take care

Finally, if you are going to start a luxury watch collection, it is imperative that you know how to properly take care of and store a watch.

Certain watches will require a battery change, whilst this can be done yourself you may choose to have batteries replaced by an expert to avoid any damage. Doing this allows you the opportunity to have the watch professionally checked and cleaned.

Once you have more than one watch, you won’t be able to wear them all at once and so you should invest in some watch storage. It may be that you choose to keep your watches in their original packaging when not worn, or you may store them in a dedicated watch storage box. However, you choose to store them, make sure your watches aren’t touching each other and that they are kept in a dry, dark, cool environment.

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