Hublot launches a watch which tells the time clockwise

It comes with an exclusive new mechanism, developed for a leading seller in the Middle East region…

Limited edition Hublot versions are a fairly common thing these days, and a model targeted at Middle Eastern buyers was not immediately spotted out of bounds. Still, the Classic Fusion Special Edition Bronze Anti-Clockwise Hublot, created for Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, a leading retailer in the region, goes well beyond the interesting livery on the dial. Instead, it is driven by a special mechanism, developed exclusively for the aforementioned brand, and represents a real turning point in the watch world.

The central idea behind this model revolves around the fact that the timepiece is moving clockwise, to the direction which we are accustomed. Seddiqi, who introduced the model during the Dubai Watch Week event, said the watch has been in development for five years. Its mechanism is akin to the unit Hublot uses in its automatic models, and has been developed with new parts. It is quite unique and was created exclusively for Seddiqi, as they say from the Hublot brand.

The playful idea behind this watch, which is not like any other, is that life as we know it is actually going backwards. The moon goes around the Earth, the Earth goes around the Sun, with both celestial bodies having their own axes. Most roundabouts are clockwise, while Arabic is read from right to left.

In line with this planetary theme, Seddiqi stated that he hoped the watch would be called The Big Bang Theory, but abandoned the idea because it matched the existing Hublot Big Bang collection.

In addition, the mechanism is not the only interesting feature of this clock. Its gray dial carries hour markers at positions 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 hours using East Arabic numerals, which is an unusual configuration that reminds us that its inner workings have actually been altered.

Both the dial and its mechanism are housed in a patinated bronze case, which has been treated to prevent further maturation. The final element of the model is its rubberized alligator leather strap, with a buckle made of the same kind of bronze.

Only 100 of these models will ever be manufactured, and we are quite sure that they will find customers faster than we think.

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