Hublot takes high watchmaking to a new level

Hublot has just solidified his position as a top alchemist…

Last week, the famous Swiss watch brand unveiled its new Spirit of Big Bang Gold Crystal watch. Its tonneau case received a magnificent dial with 24-carat gold crystals, which were produced in their laboratory. In order to adhere the crystals, the watch brand used 20 layers of transparent varnish that were applied by hand. And while the dial of this model is revolutionizing the watch industry, it is also adopting the traditional design codes of the Big Bang series. Available in 39 and 42 mm versions, the watch is powered by a HUB1710 mechanism, with a power reserve of 50 hours.

To achieve this natural state of gold on the dial, Hublot developed a unique reproduction technique. First, the watchmaker heats the purest 24-carat gold to the melting point, or 1,064.18 degrees Celsius. In this way, the metal atoms become a gaseous mixture, before they mix with the lowering of the temperature, forming open angular structures. After that, thousands of small crystals merge, creating structures that are unique. At the end of the process, the watch brand carefully chooses the best crystals that will find their place on each dial, and approximately 20% of those obtained get their chance to really shine.

Hublot claims that the production process that fixes the crystals on the watch originated during a one-year research and development process. The brand's experts have discovered that the application of crystal varnish must take place in a controlled atmosphere, so as not to create air bubbles on the surface of the layers. When the crystallized gold is encapsulated, each dial is polished to obtain a smooth finish. Creating a sleek contrast with gold details, the case and base of this model are made of satin-finished black ceramic. The Spirit of Big Bang Gold Crystal watch also received a strap made of black alligator leather, which was sewn on a rubber bracelet.

"Fusion and the creation of new materials are nothing new for Hublot, they are part of our essence. However, now, our manufactory has stepped into a new universe, transforming metals, with the help of a metallurgical laboratory and a research and development department,” explains Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of the Hublot brand.

Collectors who will be happy with this model must know that it is already available for purchase at a price of $ 29,500 through the brand's official website.

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