Indulge in adventure and don't think about time

Modern age has brought with it numerous privileges that we can enjoy in every day, but at the same time, it has almost completely disrupted our way of life...

With information always at our fingertips, search engines eagerly awaiting our next question and unlimited communication possibilities, our world is slowly but surely becoming one big digitized hive, in which each bee has its task, diligently fulfilling it wherever may be.

It often happens that we take work from the office to our homes, we deal with correspondence when we need to enjoy ourselves and we stare at our phones waiting for new tasks in order to show everyone our abilities. However, what about vacation?

When was the last time you gave yourself the opportunity to sit down, and gave your thoughts permission to wander in some unknown direction, taking you on a kind of adventure known only to you and completely unrepeatable? Have you recently immersed yourself in the world of your favourite book, empathizing with the characters who enchanted you in it, following their adventures?

The modern world is like a heart beating in a completely different rhythm, which is irresistibly and inexorably fast, ready to conquer and overwhelm us if we stop for just one moment. Trends that change from day to day, hour to hour and from minute to minute, leave us very little time to enjoy everything the world has to offer.

As important as it is to do business and be successful, just as important is the vacation that affects all aspects of our lives. Even now, while locked in our homes and confined by our four walls, we can embark on intriguing journeys, explore distant parts of the world, peek behind the scenes of numerous theatres and exhibitions, discover the hitherto unseen secrets of our planet and be filled with good energy.

Then, when the situation we are in now is finally over, and apparently, the light at the end of the tunnel is visible, we will have the opportunity to turn all our imaginary adventures into reality and boldly step into the unknown, to discover a new corner of the world and magic that resides in it.

When you finally manage to move away from your home and comfort zone, we suggest that you embark on your next adventure with a flawless assistant on your wrist, i.e. the new and improved TAG Heuer Connected model.

The TAG Heuer Connected watch is a unique combination of sophistication and elegance of a chronographically inspired model, created in accordance with the purest watchmaking traditions, with a superior, uniquely designed, performance-oriented digital experience. It offers its customers a fantastic watch that will improve their personal lifestyle, whether it is everyday activities or sports experiences. In addition to the now established options, the new model also offers a new TAG Heuer mobile application, which will give you the possibility of even greater personalization and insight into your daily achievements.

The 45 mm diameter cases, created from stainless steel or titanium, echo the intriguing design, precious materials and refined finishes of the TAG Heuer chronograph, including their traditional faceted grooves, polished and brushed details, ceramic bases, rotating crown and elegant back of the case, with strap or stainless steel bracelet options.

When it comes to the display of this model, customers can choose between five always included mechanical or digital TAG Heuer watch faces, while each of them can be further adjusted to fit perfectly with their personal style. Inspired by the brand’s watch legacy, their expertise and timeless design codes, the dials include a three-hand version we could see on the Heuer 02 skeletonized dial, a digitized Carrera Heuer 01 option, a liquid crystal display, a unique network-based neuronal animation, the nanotube structure of the brand’s famous carbon spring.

TAG Heuer has carefully selected every feature of its new Connected model, with the aim of improving the daily life of the person wearing it, especially during sports activities. Designed with intense activities in mind, the TAG Heuer Connected model is protected by a sapphire glass panel, while its case is created from lightweight materials such as titanium. In addition, it is waterproof to 5 ATM, suitable for low-speed water activities, and has a 430 mAh battery, which is optimized to include a single sports activity with the use of GPS, audio streaming and heart rate monitoring. The battery can be recharged in just 90 minutes.

The TAG Heuer Connected watch, the most luxurious smartwatch on the market, uses the renowned watchmaking skills of this brand and transmits them to the twenty-first century. For a life filled with activity and action, this smartwatch represents the perfect balance between a reliable instrument and a statement accessory interwoven with an unmistakable TAG Heuer identity.

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