Just Why Are Luxury Watches so Special?

Every person who has a significant chunk of money at their disposal, at some point, wants to make a statement to the people they come in contact with. They want to be able to prove that they are forces to be reckoned with, and that they make things happen wherever they are. To do this, many of them take different routes.

Some channel a lot of money into acquiring real estate or property. Others buy more flashy items and expensive belongings like limited edition cars, comfy mansions, and expensive clothes and jewelry.

Many times, there seems to be this unspoken rule that they all adhere to; stick to bespoke fashion accessories like gold and diamond necklaces and earrings (for the women), and luxury wristwatches.

There is something about luxury wristwatches that makes a loud statement - any day and at any time. The attention that comes with having a few hundreds of thousands of hard earned money seated comfortably on your wrist is a high that many people who can afford it seem to cling onto.

However, this characteristic seems to raise the questions of whether or not luxury watches are worth all the fuss attached to them. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering just how sustainable luxury watches are, or you’re not sure if they are a waste of money, you’re about to get answers.

In a nutshell, authentic luxury watches are sustainable, and not a total waste of money. This, however, is relative, and depends greatly on many factors, especially your financial status. Here are a few reasons why luxury watches are far from a waste of money.

#1 They epitomise luxury

This is arguably the major reason why they are manufactured in the first place. Luxury watches aren’t a complete waste of money, and won’t outgrow demand because of their nature - they are mostly used as a show of class and social standing by those who own them.

Everyone in a social context seems to be careful around the person who has a luxury watch strapped around his wrist. This is because this one accessory, without creating a fuss, has a way of screaming opulence, wealth, and power.

In a gathering of the elite and wealthy people, it wouldn’t be out of place to see a lot of luxury watches on the wrists of different people.

#2 Luxury watches from prestigious brands appreciate in value

Although this may not be mainstream knowledge, luxury watches from prestigious brands do not depreciate in value. Even if they do, they do not lose a lot of value as newer wristwatches flood the market.

For example, classic watches such as a Rolex Submariner or Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra, even when they are no more in vogue, can be resold as investment pieces and can yield a lot of money for their owners.

However, just how much they are able to yield when they are sold isn’t set in stone, and depends on a lot of external factors including the demand for those antiques, the brand involved (Rolex wristwatches seem to have the best resale values), and whether or not the wristwatch is limited edition. 

#3 Luxury wristwatches are made from premium materials

One of the major justifications of the amount of money involved in purchasing luxury wristwatches is the quality of materials that go into their production.

Since premium and top-quality materials are used in the production of luxury wristwatches, authentic luxury wristwatches are not susceptible to wear, tear, and damage like ordinary wristwatches are. This makes them a delight to the eyes, even after a lot of time has gone since they were purchased.

When these factors are all put into consideration, it can be safely said that luxury wristwatches are sustainable, and not a complete waste of funds. Just like these sustainable fashion Christmas gifts, do not cringe at the thoughts of purchasing luxury watches for yourself and for the people you love.  

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