Kate Winslet Shines in the Longines Mini DolceVita Ad

More photos

More photos

Longines has unveiled its latest campaign for the Mini DolceVita watch collection, featuring the timeless Kate Winslet...

The new model for 2024 introduces double wrap straps, adding a touch of sophistication to the elegant design. This legendary blonde has been a brand ambassador for over a decade.

Photographed by Greg Williams, the images showcase the star in a series of dramatic shots with a coastal backdrop. The campaign concept revolves around the actress's personal interpretation of time, blending the elegance of the Longines Mini DolceVita with the natural beauty of the coastal setting.

The new double wrap straps are available in a range of colors, including black, beige gold, green, and pink, made from luxurious Nappa leather. The photos depict Winslet in contemplative poses, with her signature blonde hair gently tousled by the coastal breeze.

In addition to this campaign, Longines has also collaborated with Jennifer Lawrence, further cementing its reputation for partnering with esteemed and influential women.

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