Luxury watches - what do the celebrities wear?

The bond that exists between a man and his watch is somewhat similar to the one which has to do with his car...

Men love fashion and trends, but also love to own and carry the most modern and technologically advanced timers. Of course, we can especially see this in Hollywood, where some of the most expensive models of watches can be seen practically every day. We present you favorite watches of famous men.

Tom Cruise - Bremont

If we’d ever make a definition of A-list, it would likely be presented in the form of Tom Cruise. This is an actor who is on our TVs and cinema screens seen in the largest and best films of today. Given that virtually all of his roles are in action movies, his choice of watch is not surprising, which is in perfect harmony with it. He has Bremont watch, which is the work of the British brand, famous for its resistant designs. The fact is that the brand is one of the leading in the market, and that is their association with aviation is the reason why Cruise chose to wear just their model watch. Bremont brand is founded by two former aircraft designer; a large number of their design was created by instruments from old airplanes. What concerns us is the fact that they are a lot more affordable than all the other names on this list. Watch that Tom Cruise wears, costs "only" five thousand dollars.

Leonardo DiCaprio - Tag Heuer

When we're on the subject of actors from the A-list, we should not forget Leo DiCaprio, especially due to the fact that just a few days ago, he received a long-awaited Oscar. His achievements on the big screen are something that not everyone can achieve. Just because his films and perseverance, DiCaprio has become one of the brand ambassador of Tag Heuer. He can often be seen with the Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph model on the wrist. Compared to other models of watches that famous carry, his can be called modest. Tag Heuer is one of the premium brands in this sphere of business, with highly respected reputation. In addition, they expand their empire and in the fashion world, which speaks to us about their success and progress.

Jason Statham - Panerai

After the importance of action movies and Tom Cruise, Jason Statham is a logical continuation of the story. Although what he carried out during the shooting of his films, few can replicate. This British actor in his career has a lot of films that have become iconic and which will be remembered forever. When he wanted to buy a watch, Jason chose Panerai as his first choice, but if you watch one of his films, such as The Transporter, you can see how his characters on the screen are wearing just Panerai models. Panerai brand has entered the world of watchmaking and achieved a number of partnerships, which are characteristic of an era in design. Also, his esteemed colleague, Sylvester Stallone appreciates this model watch as well.

Usher - Rolex

We now turn to the music industry, where Usher appears, as the next person on our list. He has sold tens of millions of his albums during his career, some call him the greatest person in the world of music, a few times we had the opportunity to see it on film. Of course, as a logical sequence of events, we conclude that Usher is a celebrity, which means that he has to pay a lot of attention to his appearance and of course the watch he tends to wear. Well, that’s the moment Rolex comes into play, because this famous musician can often be seen with the Rolex Milgauss model at hand. It's not at all surprising; especially if we consider that the Forbes magazine named the Rolex 57th most powerful brand in the world.

Brad Pitt - TAG Heuer

When we talk about the most famous actors and other personalities, we cannot skip or bypass Brad Pitt. Also, we do not have to mention his achievements, because it is already known that he is one of the most successful actors of his era, but also the man which all the other men want to be. And once again, the Tag Heuer brand has chosen the right man for its ambassador. Just like DiCaprio, Brad Pitt on his wrist wears Carrera model, which is one of the most popular watches of the brand, because of its overall luxurious appearance.

Robert Downey Jr. - Jaeger-LeCoultre

Whether it is in the role of Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, Robert Downey Jr. is one of the favorite personalities in Hollywood. He is mostly known for his recent and previously mentioned success, but we must note that he is on TV since the age of five. In terms of the watches, he is the only man on our list, which carries Jaeger-LeCoultre model. The cooperation of the famous actor and this watchmaking brand began during their Iron Man franchise, when we could see the different watches of the company on his wrist during each promotional appearance. We could see him wearing AMVOX 3 model, although it is not exactly the most popular design of the famous company. They have created the smallest mechanism of the world as well as the most complicated timepiece ever, which speaks volumes about the exclusivity of their designs.

John Travolta - Breitling

Travolta is the right person for the end of this text, because he is like the icing on the cake. He is known for his leading roles in films such as Pulp Fiction and Face Off. Just like Robert Downey Jr., he was already part of the acting business for decades, so it is logical that we are interested in the watch he wears. He is the only one on our list that carries the Breitling model. Breitling company often collaborates with well-known names, and we can say that they are one of the best companies in watchmaking history. Also, they often collaborate with many well-known brands such as Bentley, which once again shows just how luxurious and exclusive they are.

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