Montblanc & UNICEF - collab with a noble cause

To eradicate illiteracy in children, Montblanc and UNICEF have teamed up once again to make us realize some important things...

The partnership of these two famous brand has gathered about $ 10 million for this action over the past 13 years, and this fresh philanthropic collection will certainly contribute to that amount, because it consists of beautiful pens, watches and jewelry.

The best part of this collection is a limited edition Writing Is A Gift line of pens, containing elements from six different alphabets in six languages ​​that children most commonly learn, including Arabic, Roman, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and Korean.

These flawless writing instruments are accompanied by Montblanc Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarium UNICEF watch, which is available in two special versions, with Latin or Chinese alphabet on the dial and 24 time zones.

Also, this collection contains beautiful silver bracelets for ladies, cuff links and a line of leather goods, which includes everything from backpacks to wallets and everything in between.

Items from this collection can already be bought, and all the money from the sales is directed to the education of children.

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