Patek Philippe - the most expensive watch of the world

Rare watches have a classical importance that only real connoisseurs can realize, along with collectors and those who are a key part of horological world...

Although Rolex models usually dominate the watch auctions, incredibly classic and elegant Patek Philippe model is this time in our center of attention. This watch is a creation from the eighties, and certainly will burn through the pockets of those who wish to have it.

The Caliber 89 model will be sold on an auction in Geneva next month. It has already been declared as the star of the upcoming auction, and is estimated to fetch 8-11 million dollars, which is worth every penny, if we take into account all types of values ​​of this unique work of chorological history.

Created to become the ultimate expression of chorological art, Caliber 89 is the most complicated Patek Philippe model ever seen. It has 33 complications and 8 cm in diameter, with a thickness of 4 cm and a weight of 1.1 kg.

With all of its 1,728 total components, this watch is originally produced in four colors - yellow, white, pink gold and platinum color. Current yellow version of the model was previously sold in 2009 at a price of 5.1 million dollars, and last year at Christie's auction, it reached a price of 11 million dollars.

If you have the money somewhere on the fringe and do not know what else could you do with it, then set off to Geneva, Sotheby's Important Watches auction, which takes place on 14 May.

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