Roger Dubuis launches new special editions

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Over the years, Roger Dubuis brand has demonstrated its propensity for decadence and extravagance…

Guided by the search for pleasure, constantly putting technique into the service of aesthetics, the famous watch house is proud of this very thinking. Uncompromising technical expertise seamlessly blends with unlimited creativity, which drives their incredible endeavors to perform at the Brand Manufactory in the heart of Geneva, where cutting-edge technology goes hand in hand with traditional watchmaking crafts.

The watch house is also inspired by other top industries, which has led to iconic partnerships such as this one with the famous tire manufacturer Pirelli, who shares their values ​​and vividly shows what happens when visionary engineers team up with amazing watchmakers. Driven by excitement and emotions, the result of the collaboration is a line of watches that violates all codes, and is designed by an exclusive tribe that is always looking for experiences outside of work. When it comes to redesigning the Hyper Horology game, Roger Dubuis exclusive tribe expects the unexpected around every corner.

Call to life

The powerful, challenging Excalibur iconic collection is a favorite platform for the expression of this brand, creating the best possible options for the uncompromising Roger Dubuis lifestyle. Today, this brand, which dares to be different, is celebrating its partnership with Pirelli, launching an exciting new interpretation of its iconic Excalibur collection, Excalibur Spider and Excalibur Spider Pirelli.

For Roger Dubuis, no challenge is too great, especially when they want to demonstrate their serial, innovative spirit. The unrestricted creativity of their Research and Development department created a small setting for the famous skeletonized flying tourbillon. The mechanism with their signature, which contains one of the most sought-after complications of Hyper Horology, reduces its essence in order to fit with a case with a diameter of 39 mm. Equipped with an energy reserve of 60 hours, this incredible endeavor of mechanical engineering is accentuated by the Geneva seal.

Aesthetics enhanced by adrenaline

Whether it appears in a pink gold version with white accents, a titanium total look or a sporty option that combines red and black tones, all three options of this watch are equipped with a Roger Dubuis ingenious system for quick strap replacement. We can freely say that this is a versatile model whose diameter and different dimensions of straps make it perfect for both men and women.

It’s the right time to hold your breath and prepare for the unexpected. There are no rules in the game, in which the Roger Dubuis brand always wins.

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