Roger Dubuis - year of the Velvet Diva

As they say in this Swiss watchmaking brand, 2016 is the year of "Velvet Diva" or lady who has a strong temperament and personality...

Celebrating this statement, the brand presented two very stylish watches - Blossom Velvet Pink and Blossom Velvet Blue. Both models have a case with a diameter of 36 mm, made of rose and white gold. Cases are decked with intriguing designs petals, which together constitute the ultimate bouquet. They are accented by double row of diamonds on the base.

Beautifully cut diamonds are scattered around the mother-of-pearl dial, which is engraved with floral designs. Developers of these models used the trompe l'oeil effect or artistic technique that uses realistic images to create the optical illusion.

Although the artists and creators of the brand encountered several challenges in the work on these models, at the end, their work is really paying off. Both models represent the true fruit of love for aesthetics and timeless beauty.

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