If you are a car lover, you know that there are a number of brands that deal with tuning, and some of them have become very important names in the industry...

What is interesting the same thing is now done for watches. The company Bamford Watch Department specialized in the production of steel sport watches. Recently, the brand has partnered with prestigious watchmaking house of Rolex, and the Los Angeles designer Darren Romanelli known as DRX, to create an impressive line of watches. It is a collection of special edition, which is dedicated to the most famous comic book heroes - Flash Gordon and the Phantom.

This release represents the ideal balance between the two worlds that are not otherwise connected - prestigious watchmaking world and the universe of comics. Two clocks that are presented are Rolex Explorer II for Flash Gordon and Non Submariner Date for the Phantom. Both are completely resistant to scratches and created using military titanium coating MGTC, which makes them almost as stouter as the stout and heroes they represent.

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