Special Vacheron Constantin collection

Luxury Swiss watch brand, Vacheron Constantin, has unveiled four unique models as part of its 2019 Les Cabinotiers Collection - La Musique du Temps, designed as an homage to their rich heritage in creating a minute-repeater model that has been around for two centuries...

The first record of the sound effects watch signed by Vacheron Constantin dates from 1806; a gold pocket watch was in question, with a minute repeater registered by the founder’s grandson, Jacques-Barthélémy. From then on, sonneries or repetoir watches have become an integral part of their divine heritage, which has been further enriched over the decades that have passed.

Called the Minute Repeater Tourbillon Four Seasons, a new collection featuring four intriguing models was unveiled in Singapore last weekend. Each of the four timepieces represents one of the four seasons - spring, summer, fall and winter. Their dials depict carp swimming in the decoration of seasonal tones.

The faces of the watch are engraved with special techniques that accentuate the richness of the scenery. Not less than 60 hours was used only for engraving the dial, before applying the paint using the champlevé enamel method. All four watches are equipped with a 2755 TMR mechanism, which regulates each part with the help of a rotary minute tourbillon cage, to counteract the effects of Earth's gravity. The manually operated 58 hour power reserve mechanism operates at a frequency of 2.5 Hz, which is quite low in the world of traditional watchmaking.

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