Special watch designed for millionaires

Specijalni časovnik za milionere

Jacob & Co seemed to have a specific buyer in mind when they created their Millionnaire Yellow Diamonds watch...

Definitely, you have to be a millionaire to afford this amazing watch that costs $ 6 million. One thing is for sure - no one will be able to ignore this model because of the numerous lines of yellow diamonds that cover its base, the lugs and the entire bracelet. In total it carries 127.45 carats of Intense yellow diamonds.

The 54 diamonds on the casing and the crown of this watch weight about 31.74 carats. Eleven diamonds are used as indices, while a bracelet made of gold is covered with 210 yellow diamonds which weigh 95.71 carats. The fact that this brand spent two years in search of 276 diamonds with Intense Yellow certification is also kind of amazing.

Also, the mechanism that drives this timepiece is equally impressive – it is the hand-wounded JCAM23 caliber, with a tourbillon that possesses 197 components. Each section is hand-finished and polished, and the back and front of the watch made of sapphire crystal complete its look.

"In my vision, the customer of Millionnaire is someone who can buy almost every watch or piece of jewelry he wants, but he is looking for something that is challenging, bold and unique, and at the same time timeless. I see the buyer as a collector who appreciates artistic work and is dedicated to detail," said Jacob Arabo.

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