Totally black. Totally matt. Stylish. Uncompromising. Almost stealthy. Made entirely from carbon fibre, its case, as well as the 7 bridges of its legendary movement, which is equipped with the famous microscopic toothed micro-belt transmission. Let us introduce the Monaco V4 Phantom.

The new feature of the 2015 version is found on the case, which is made from CMC (Carbon Matrix Composite) and the 7 bridges of its movement, also in CMC. A specific technique was used to create them in "directed carbon", which means that the carbon fibres are placed in a certain direction in the mould, then micro-blasted, giving them a regular and particularly elegant "matt black vertical brushed" appearance. The entire dial is composed of shades of dark grey and black. For example, the hands are faceted and satin-finished, with a Titanium Carbide Coating and anthracite grey SuperLuminov. Only the jewels (a total of 48 stones in the movement) reveal discreet little touches of red. 

Combining a cutting-edge mechanical movement design, technical performance using carbon fibre and horological expertise in the development, production and hand assembly at TAG Heuer in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the Monaco V4 Phantom is a stylish, modern version which is ultra-lightweight and offers extra shock resistance. Its sharp design is particularly unusual for a grand complication watch. 

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