The new Bentley and Breitling Watch

When this car vas presented a few days ago Bentayga Bentley SUV, the luxury car brand, has sparked a lot of comments ...

Well, when it comes to this model, there is much more detail than those that can be immediately seen. This car is ideal for challenging terrain, while its passengers enjoy the greatest luxury. One of the greatest comfort and perhaps one of the most luxurious elements that are added to this car is Breitlong clock, which was created in cooperation with the Mulliner company. This lesson is not so unusual, but still, it represents an important part of this great car.

This watch is actually a self-winding tourbillon and amazing Chorologic masterpiece. It comes in 18-carat white or yellow gold. The counter can be created in two versions - white or ebony-black mother-of-pearl. Indexes of hours are made ofdiamonds, while the tourbillon is housed in a titanium cage. The watch is housed in a special unit, so it can be rotated by an electric mode. Its mechanisms are three ways cheering, in addition to standard. The light thatilluminates the dashboard also illuminatesthis watch, so that at any moment you can see what time it is.

Another very interesting fact – this watch will cost as much as the car itself...


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