Time passes - only the best survive

Time is the only thing in life that is unwavering...

As much as we resist it, it flows, destroys, and violates everything in front of us, often leaving us breathless, speechless or without ground under our feet. It never goes backwards, it does not forgive lost moments and missed chances, does not give us additional opportunities to make a first impression, make up for missed ones. Time is powerful and prevailing, bold and brave, utterly unwavering and inevitable, and we can be aware of its power every day.

Things that were popular one day are forgotten tomorrow. The moment you hesitated to say "I love you" is over and gone. Twenty-four hours, or one day, is often not enough time to do what we want.

When we devote ourselves to the things we enjoy, one day can act as one second, while the situation is quite different if the opposite is the case. Each time brings with it certain changes, which we may or may not like, but still, in the midst of this whole story, there are certain things that are eternal and long lasting.

In fashion, these are classic pieces, which increase their value, as they get older. A perfect example is a little black dress, lipstick in the perfect red color or a pearl necklace that is passed down from one generation to the next. In the world of cars, these are old-timers, eternal classics who pioneered their time, true innovations and machines that tread miles at previously unprecedented speeds.

In the world of watchmaking, these are watches that mark the era or the decade, that is, those that paved the way like true warriors of their time. Although many modern technologies are now available to us to produce just about anything that comes to mind, horological maisons that have left their mark on the world do not deviate from their tried and tested recipes.

Year after year, they launch new versions of their classic models, changing their functionality while keeping their form and aesthetics the same. TAG Heuer brand did just that by presenting a special edition of its famous Carrera model.

The new TAG Heuer Carrera 160 Years Silver Limited Edition model has once again donned its 1960s-inspired suit, covering it with modern technology and the innovations that have brought it to the modern era. TAG Heuer Carrera line contains one of the most refined chronographs of the famous brand, representing the heritage of the renowned watchmaker and their bold spirit, which resists the passing of time.

The new edition of this classic model has been given a stainless steel case, with design accents that make it true to the original, such as an ethereally sleek dial and polished elements. The unmistakable Carrera name and Heuer shield are printed on the dial that is protected by a domed sapphire crystal, which gives the whole story a retro touch, reminding us of the original Heuer Carrera model.

The special edition TAG Heuer Carrera model received a timeless black alligator leather belt, which certainly contributed to its elegant appearance, suitable for all occasions. In addition, this model is limited to 1860 pieces, which is an homage to the year in which the Heuer brand was founded, accentuated by the "One of 1860" and "Limited Edition" inscriptions.

It seems to us that the bold, innovative and elegant TAG Heuer Carrera collection, originally intended for drivers, has undergone a significant evolution, but at the same time has maintained its impeccable reputation, resisting the time it measures.

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