TOP 10: most expensive smart watches

Timepieces have become the most prominent fashion accessory, for both men and women, since the fifteenth century when they first appeared...

We used to have mechanical, automatic, quartz and digital watches, and now, in line with the progress and development of technology, we also have smart ones, which are supposed to make our lives even easier.

Timepieces have become widely popular during the seventeenth century, and we have to admit that they have gone through a long developmental path to become what they are now, that is, elements of style that in an unusual way combine fashion and functionality. Initially, there was only a pocket watch, but after the First World War, everyone accepted hand variants. Since then, the wristwatch has become to be an object that is loved by people all over the world.

Although mobile phones today are much more than what they used to be and can easily replace your watches, they still manage to resist trends and defeat, and in the long run, will long be part of the essential accessories of all fashion conscious men and women. They also advanced in relation to their ancestors, combining technology with watchmaking tradition and excellence.

Smart watches are beautiful and often expensive, because they offer their users much more than the time display. These are small computers that you carry on your wrist that have GPS, portable media players, thermometers, and speedometers, gauges of height and pressure, compasses, fitness trackers, as well as notifications of incoming messages or missed calls.

As they also come decorated with gold and diamonds, representing at the same time a stylish statement of the one wearing it, we decided to present you the 10 most expensive models.

10. TAG Heuer Carrera Connected - $ 1,500

The legendary Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer took the tenth place on our list with its Connected model, which is actually a luxury smart watch created in cooperation with Google and Intel. This model is presented as limited edition and we believe that all 1,000 copies produced so far have been sold.

This model has a titanium casing with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, featuring a 1.6 GHz Intel processor that runs a 410 mAh battery and gives you 25 hours of use. With built-in voice commands and a microphone, Google Translate with applications, folders, Google Fit and many other applications available to you from the Google Play Store, this model also includes a speedometer, gyroscope and GPS, and for $ 1,500 can be yours.

9. Kairos Hybrid Watch - $ 2,549

With a price a thousand dollars higher than its predecessor, the Kairos Hybrid Watch takes the ninth place on our list. It's hybrid because it combines the charm of classical mechanics with the latest available technology.

Therefore, this watch combines an automatic mechanism, stainless steel and crystal sapphire glass with Bluetooth 4.0, USB, touch sensors, gyroscope and speedometer, and there is also a semi-transparent OLED display, which will show you notifications about calls, messages and email. Also, this watch can be a remote control for your PC. All this, at a price of $ 2,549.

8. Montblanc Timewalker e-Strap - $ 4,000

The renowned German luxury brand Montblanc combined its excellent timepieces with wearable technology and offered us a device that is actually an intelligent solution called e-Strap. The Timewalker model of this brand comes with a classic three-compass timing chronograph in a polished steel body, but it also contains a very interesting surprise.

This smart watch displays notification of messages, emails and social networks, can be connected via Bluetooth, includes a physical activity meter and a calendar, and can also be connected to Android and iOS smart devices. This beautiful combination of style and technology will cost you $ 4,000.

7. TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 - $ 6,750

TAG Heuer is a very serious player in this field and therefore one more of their products comes to our list - it's Connected Modular 45. This beautiful watch has a titanium case with satin finishing details, a sapphire scratch resistant crystal and a diamond base. If you are wondering why such a high price - well, diamonds, satin finishes and laser engraving definitely contribute.

6. Breitling Exospace B55 - $ 8,900

With an unforgettable name, the Breitling Exospace B55 will let you imagine the high and distant horizons. This company is known for creating airplane inspired watches, but this time it is a new generation device, which has a casing made of titanium and sapphire crystal. Their device can show you email or instant messages, as well as reminders from your calendar, while at the same time collecting flight data and other measures. The price of this flying beauty is $ 8,900.

5. Samsung de Grisogono Gear S2 - $ 15,000

What do we get when we connect Samsung and the Swiss luxury jewelry brand de Grisogono? Of course, the best of both worlds - elegance, style, beauty, innovation and originality - Samsung de Grisogono Gear S2, a prestigious hi-tech device, created just for the selected ones. The impressive Samsung Gear S2 technology is presented in a pink gold case decorated with black and white diamonds. Price? A real little thing. Just $ 15,000.

4. Gold Apple Watch Edition - $ 17,000

Apple Watch is a model that we all heard of - it comes with the usual features, notifications and connections. It is practically an iPhone for your wrist. However, although the basic model costs about $ 350, the one that is on our list is special because it is made of 18-carat pink or yellow gold. Depending on the selection of the bracelet, it can be yours at a price ranging from $ 10,000 to $ 17,000. If you think this is too expensive, we advise you not to read the text further.

3. Hoptroff Atomic Wristwatch, Platinum - $ 54,000

The British brand Hoptroff offered us another wonderful hybrid watch, combining classical mechanics, connectivity and luxury. The stylish Hoptroff Atomic Wristwatch is not a smart watch in the right sense, but can be synchronized with your iPhone. However, its price is $ 54,000. To get it, you first have to pay 25% of this sum as a reservation, and then you can pick it up after three months.

2. Built-In Nico Gerard Sunrise Pinnacle - $ 112,000

Nico Gerard presented us with a bizarre solution for all those who cannot decide between a smart and regular watch. Named Sunrise Pinnacle, this model has a luxury watch on one side and Apple Watch on the other. Why does it cost $ 112,000? Well, you get two watches in one, and not ordinary ones, but those made out of gold.

1. Brikk Lux Watch Omni - $ 109,995 - $ 114,995

Number one on our list is the super luxury customized Apple Watch. It wears the name Brikk Lux Watch Omni and comes in a 18-carat gold case with a bunch of diamonds on it. In fact, the strap of this model is made of diamonds, which more or less affects its price, which ranges from 109,995 to 114,995 dollars.

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