Top 10 most extravagant watches of the year

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The most prestigious watch making brands of the world enchanted us this year with their exclusive and daring creations...

Whether we are impressed with their technical details or were left breathless because of their unique design, the ten watches that we present you this time are definitely works of art chorology. Taste is not a debate, so do not be mad at us if your favorite watch was not found on this list. However, we are sure you will see at least one of these watches indicate your dreams... So, let’s begin...

#10 MB & F HM6 RT Red Gold Watch

Only a few months ago, MB & F brand has decided to launch a new, imaginative version HM6 watch, called MB & F HM6 RT. This particularly interesting piece, instead of titanium has a housing made of 18-carat red gold, with palladium details that stabilize the copper, which leads to a unique blend called 5N +. This model comes with 10 sapphire crystals that are embedded in the casing and unique biomorphic appearance, which turns it into a futuristic creation, which is definitely ahead of its time. It has a flying tourbillion, a shield made of titanium, as well as a system of automatic winding, which is regulated by the "turbine". This watch will definitely help you stand out from the crowd in your society, especially when you consider the price and the fact that it is a limited edition.

#9 A. Lange & Sohne Tourbillon Limited Edition 1815 Handwerkskunst

The well-known watchmaker brand introduced just a few days your A. Lange & Sohne Tourbillon 1815 Handwerkskunst limited edition, inspired by the fine arts. Only 30 of these watches will be available for purchase, and we are confident that the price of $ 181,000 will not scare people off. Handwerkskunst translated from German means art of making and this model is definitely a sophisticated example of that. With exclusive engraving on the dial, this model has L102.1 manual winding movement with a power reserve of 72 hours, 21 jewels and five gilded recess. With a width of 39.5 mm and a thickness of 11.1 mm, this watch is quite bulky, but at the same time discreet and elegant.

#8 Bulgari Tourbillon Saphir Ultranero

As a limited edition of only 30 pieces, this timepiece gives new meaning to the tourbillion. What Bulgari brand called "transparent sapphire black magic", the watche gives light and the possibility of easy readability even in pitch darkness. The unique look of this model comes from SuperLumiNova substance, which is embedded in the center of the casing. Its vivid green color is even more powerful in contrast to the black background, which has only decorations of transparency. This model has a stainless DLC - diamond like carbon - titanium-coated case, which is decorated with bolts that hold everything in place and sapphire crystals on its outer part.

#7 Serpenti Luxury Watch by Bulgari

Another wonderful addition to the collection Bulgari watch is new Serpenti Luxury Watch. Entirely handmade, this timepiece is available in two versions: pink gold with black lacquered dial, or white gold and diamond pavé over the entire surface. Version of pink gold contains 33 tiny diamonds, housing with a diameter of 26mm, with six diamonds, while its strap is decorated with the help of 96 diamonds. Version of white gold on the other hand, has a snow dial with 144 diamonds and a bracelet with an additional 174 diamonds.

#6 Devon Star Wars Limited Edition

The launch of a special Star Wars watch is an expected bonus, given that it comes from a brilliant Devon Works brand. Star Wars by Devon's luxury model is actually a redesigned version of the Devon Tread 1 watch, which is completely based on the figure of Darth Vader. You might have expected this watch inspired by the famous film to look cheap, but you will realize that things are not quite such a discard after one look at this model. Premium materials for its construction were used, and the overall design is elegant and absolutely incredible.

#5 Pininfarina Luxury Collection Wearables

Smart watches ruled the world this year, and we are confident that they will fully dominate next. For this reason, companies like Christophe & Co. are showing the first designs of hi-tech jewels. The British luxury brand unveiled this year's collection of smart Armilla bracelet, but in cooperation with well-known brand in the industry of luxury - Pininfarina. The Italian company used its expertise and gave a touch of uniqueness to each of these bracelets. Delicately festooned, decorated with diamonds, with incredible technical capabilities ... what else needs to be said?

#4 MB & F's Melchior

Melchior is a unique robot table clock, created in honor of the tenth anniversary of the brand. It's a robot buddy that we've all dreamed about when we were kids, who possesses all the flawless Horologic functions, along with the power-reserve of 40 hours. It is the work of MB & F brand as a vision and as a creation of the company's work L'Epee 1839, which is the only Swiss factory specialized in the production of high quality luxury watches. Melchior has parts made of brass which is treated with palladium, stainless steel, red anodized aluminum and polished glass. It weighs 6.3 pounds, while containing a L'Epee mechanical caliber, with 50 jewels, and five barrels. Truly magnificent creation.

#3 Arachnophobia Table Clock By MB & F

MB & F brand and their unique creations always surprise us with their genius. This brand has designed a massive spider, which presents us with the exact time, called MB & F Arachnophobia table clock. Inspired by the enormous sculpture, Maman, which is the work of Louis Bourgeois, this spider is definitely a little smaller, but equally awesome. Entering the dark room, with a chilling sound of beats and the look at the silhouette of an enormous spider will definitely leave an impression on you. The complex mechanism that drives this clock has 218 components, and time is shown with the help of two hands placed on the back of the spider, which bend and follow the contours of the torso. Beneath the black dome of the spider back is modified L'Epee in 1839 a mechanism that moves the head while the spider consists of very simple parts. With an impressive reserve of energy that lasts up to eight days, this watch is presented in black or gold-plated version. From the abdomen of the spider legs come out, enabling him to stand proudly on your desk, window or headboard. The designers of the brand have decided that the only way of achieving organic-looking use of injection molding. Gold-plated version has legs of gilded brass, while black has legs of black lacquered aluminum. As you might expect, and that, the edition that is eccentric and unique as this means there is no small price - black version costs about 20,000 Euros, while the gilded costs around 25,000 Euros.

#2 Breguet Haute Joaillerie Crazy B

Breguet brand delighted us this year with their brilliant design, which is something between jewelry and watches. Dubbed the "B" Crazy Haute Joaillerie, this extravagant fashion accessory is specially designed for ladies, and decorated with diamonds. It has an interesting body of 18-carat white gold, while the dial has radial pave, packed with 133 diamonds. It’s hands are very chic, and are made of blue steel, with open tops. Even the bracelet this model decorated with diamonds - its area of ​​18-carat white gold is decorated with the help of 200 diamonds, which turn this ordinary watch into a sight for sore eyes.

#1 HYT Skull Maori Watch

This is definitely one of the most beautiful watches introduced this year, which includes the traditional decorative techniques and design that will leave you speechless. The skull, which is featured on this model, actually is the leitmotif of the entire collection HYT Skull, which is further embellished with intricate carvings in the Moorish style. This watch has a design that is inspired by the old culture, with huge golden skull dominates the face of the watch and contains special engravings that give it a unique personality. Identical design continues on its strap, which perfectly accompanies the dial. With a price tag of 115,000 Euros, HYT Skull Maori clock is a limited edition, with only 15 pieces produced. This brand really does their best to deceive any trace patterns in their design - we cannot know what will they think of next, but we are sure it will not be anything average.

Consolation prize - Lumisidus Watch Winder

This is not actually the clock, but as a fan of haute horology watches, it had to find its place on our list. Germany's Lumisidus is responsible for this brilliant project, which has an impressive design and the extensive use of hi-tech materials. Rings made of carbon fiber, the Swiss "engine" and Lumisidus metal gears make this technological masterpiece. Also, this case is decorated with 24-carat gold and can support up to 11 clocks, which are protected crystal glass and illuminated individual LED lights.

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