Since ancient times, the light has a rich symbolism for humanity...

From agriculture to literature, the sun and its light have maintained and inspired humanity, and are therefore closely connected with life, truth and beauty. In its releases Bulgari brand that originates from Italy and often celebrates classic Greek and Roman heritage, the symbolism is not lost or changed its meaning. Just out of this symbolism was born enchanting LVCEA watch for ladies.

Named after the Italian word for light or luce, LVCEA is a beautiful clock, in which the experts Bulgari brand presented their craftsmanship. Amazing gemstone is presented in the crown of each piece, with a diamond in the center that gives it an extra sparkle. The bracelet of this clock is reminiscent of the work of this brand, which is already known - Serpenti bracelet - which has captivated fans with its appearance.

LVCEA luxurious timepiece for ladies is available in 12 different styles ranging from sleek stainless steel, to the more eye catching pieces with pink gold and pave diamond decoration. With this collection, you'll have a real accessory for every style and occasion.

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