Unique Patek Philippe watch sold for 2.5 million dollars

Unikatni Patek Philippe sat prodat za 2.5 miliona

If you’d like to own a horologic piece of history, it will cost you...

The latest example of this is stunning Patek Philippe timepiece, which was sold at a price of 2.5 million dollars at auction in Hong Kong on 31st of May. After 30 minutes of crazy competition, an unknown buyer walked away with the watch, with the standing ovation of the excited audience.

Called one of the most sought-after vintage watches of all time, the watch has a truly remarkable design. Only 349 copies of this timepiece were made in a series that began in 1951 and ended in 1988.

The watch that was sold at auction is one of only six models with casing of white gold that was left without polishing and decorations. This copy was made in 1968 and is the second oldest of the six models.

The dial is enameled and has an ivory shade due to its age. There’s no other watch in this series that has such a dial, which certainly has something to do with the final auction price. Last time, this model was sold during an earlier auction for thirteen million Swiss francs.

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