Unique watches for lovers of unique luxury

Since its founding in 2019, Alabaster Industries has proven that stylishly speaking, wristwatches can be much more than an instrument that tells the exact time...

Now, this brand based in the United States of America is expanding its catalogue with a new range. Like the previous editions, the new models seem straight out of a horror movie with their metal designs in the shape of fangs and other similar motifs. The studio has just introduced the Gold Hawk watch in black and red variants, as well as Gold Dove, Mercury Sinew, Meteor Sinew and Silver Dove Blue.

The 40mm diameter watches are crafted from gold-plated silver, with solid silver constructions in traditional tones. The design is elevated by the different coloured dials, which come in cobalt blue, grey, black and merlot shades. In addition, the watches received a Japanese automatic movement with three hands, along with hand-made dials.

You can view their latest offering in our gallery, and you should also know that the starting price of these watches is $3,400.

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