Urwerk launches a new masterpiece

Bold but modern, powerful but sophisticated, the latest URWERK watch - UR-220 - follows in the footsteps of the iconic UR-210…

As a valuable successor, the amazing novelty is available in an all-black variant. The UR-210 model had an automatic mechanism, which required a bulkier case, which was somewhat heavier. Compared to it, the UR-220 comes with a manual winding mechanism, which allowed the creation of a case only 14.8 mm thick. It is made of titanium and steel, and has a diameter of 43.8 mm, and it looks stronger and more powerful in its all-black version, providing a dose of self-confidence to every person who wears it.

There are subtle differences between the UR-220 and its predecessor, which will also lead you to pay special attention to details. Older Urwerk models had complicated turbines, which were visible through the sapphire holes in the back of the case, while the UR-220 focuses on other details, such as the amazing oil change indicator, which tells you how long the mechanism works and when it's time to “refresh the oil”.

When you buy this magnificent watch, its counter is activated by removing the locking pin and pressing the button on the back of the watch.

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