Would you buy a luxury watch which doesn't really exist?

The popularity of the Patek Philippe Nautilus model among watch collectors is not necessary to describe further…

After the discontinuation of production of the ref.5711 model, the iconic Patek Philippe Nautilus conquered the whole world and became one of the few pieces that you can hardly get. A few months earlier, the olive Nautilus, in its original packaging, was sold at 11 times the price of the original, which is absolutely abnormal. If you are one of the people who want to add Nautilus to their collection, the auction we are talking about this time may be of interest to you. However, there is one catch - the Patek Philippe Nautilus that can be purchased on this occasion is actually NFT, or more precisely, the first Patek Philippe NFT.

If by any chance you don't know what NFT is - Non-Fungible Token, think of it as a digital version of tangible time that exists in the real world with the help of blockchain technology, which runs all crypto currencies. The popularity of NFT continues to grow without control and termination, and Patek Philippe Nautilus NFT is a great example of that. The first ever Patek Philippe NFT was created by private owner Nautilus 5711 / 1A-010 in the Middle East. The iconic Patek Philippe watch got a 40 mm diameter stainless steel case, with a desirable blue dial.

Patek Philippe Nautilus NFT will be auctioned off via the SM-ART platform, while you can submit your bids over a three-day period. “When we were contacted by an owner who wanted to create NFT for his Nautilus watch, we immediately accepted the opportunity,” said Danny Sangha, co-founder of SM-ART. “Our entire mission with this platform is to bring sophisticated art, rare collectibles and art objects back to the world. So many beautiful pieces are hidden in safes, far from the public eye, and no one has ever seen or appreciated them. We wanted to discover a new way to breathe life into them, and NFT is definitely an option. "

The Nautilus NFT valuation reached $ 120,000 and was divided into 1,000 fractions, with 920 available for purchase. This means that for about $ 130 you will be able to get a small portion of the first Patek Philippe NFT. For more information, visit the SM-ART official website.

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