Zenith presents its most colourful release yet

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More photos

Show off your style with the latest Zenith edition – a $128,000 box with 8 colourful chronographs…

Swiss watchmaker Zenith has taken the saying "the more the merrier" very seriously and unveiled a $128,000 box filled with eight different coloured chronographs. Watch lovers who couldn't get enough of the colourful timepiece launched in 2020 now have eight new reasons to love the luxury brand even more. The limited-edition box, part of the Defy 21 series, features a charming chronograph in black, purple, blue, pink, orange, khaki, turquoise and green.

The wristwatches feature a 44mm diameter sandblasted titanium case and grey chronograph registers, beneath which vivid metallic colours enhance the movement. Bridges and an oscillating rotor complement the eight Ultra Colour shades and a rubber bracelet with a Cordura effect. Powered by the El Primero 9004 automatic movement, certified by Geneva-based TimeLab, the watch has a frequency of 50 Hz and a minimum power reserve of 50 hours. Once touted as the world's most accurate mechanical watch, the Zenith Defy Lab is now the most fun.

The Ultra Box Set retails for $128,000 in only a limited edition of 8. The Defy 21 Ultra Colour Box Set features sequentially numbered watches, 1 through 8, rather than having the same number for all eight watches in the box.

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