Brunello Cucinelli Summer 2024: Serene Coastal Style

More photos

More photos

Presented in a calm seaside setting, the Summer 2024 campaign titled "Authentic Retreat" by Brunello Cucinelli reflects elegance in its finest form…

The campaign photos create an atmosphere of relaxed luxury, where models Nour Rizk and Lucky Blue Smith Smith pose on the beach and surrounding areas. In one scene, Lucky Blue Smith in a sharp white suit paired with a sand-colored vest perfectly complements Nour’s flowing white dress, suggesting a refined and effortless style. Their looks are perfectly completed for sunny days, and the wide hat worn by Nour adds a graceful touch.

Transitioning to a setting on a rocky beach, Nour is featured in a striking net skirt layered over a metallic dress for a touch of glamour. This piece highlights the brand’s focus on textures and the interaction between the natural and the crafted.

The collection includes a color palette that features bright, neutral tones of beige and ivory, reflecting the surrounding landscape. In a lush, secluded poolside scene, the focus shifts to relaxation, where Nour wears a relaxed knitted cardigan and top with lightweight pants.

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