An ode to femininity: Fendi Haute Couture

High aesthetics through creations that every woman would love to wear.

Kim Jones' creations for the house of Fendi exude the same feeling in almost every collection: a non-negotiable femininity.

Designs, silhouettes, lines, colours and materials seem destined to serve the purpose of timeless elegance every time. The legacy of the Fendi fashion house, moreover, does not allow for eccentric experimentation and stylistic outbursts; it has always been a fashion house that associated its name with chic luxury and refined opulence. It began as a family business offering leather goods, developed into a reference house for its fur, and its accessories - with Fendi Baguette being the most famous of all - are still among the most sought after.

Kim Jones perfectly manages this legacy by adding a breath of freshness to each collection. The new Fendi haute couture collection, for the FW 2022 season, once again declares the designer's love for upgraded classic beauty and insistence on details that will make the garment and look unique.

What did we see in the collection? Classic suits that transition into the new age through perfectly executed asymmetries (one part of the jacket is shorter and the other is floor-length), floor-length maxi dresses, deconstructed kimonos, dresses embroidered with sequins, and also long dresses with delicate necklines in colours such as bright yellow, mint and pink that clearly show that this collection is about the supremacy of elegant femininity.

Mesh dresses embellished with sparkling rhinestones, semi-sheer underwear-like slip dresses (reminiscent of Fendi FW'22), silver maxi dresses with sequins reminiscent of a broken mirror and long sheer tunics with colored floral embroidery, which close the show and remind us that sexy clothes can be beautiful without being provocative, also stand out.

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