Armani Prive - purple period

Armani Prive Spring / Summer 2016 collection is based on the colors...

Giorgio Armani has created a wonderful collection, which is offered in a palette of each unnamed pale shade of purple. The use of these shades is so charming; we are convinced that it will leave a mark in the history of the brand. And beaded detail, to fluttering dress with corsets and timeless slip designs, there is no easy way to categorize Armani Prive couture collection for the upcoming warm season, because it contains so many different elements, while at the same time offering reasonable cohesion.

Fashion show during which he presented this collection reminds us of the glamorous Hollywood films from the forties, with semi-transparent shorts, slacks, blouses and corsets with experimental design, offered in the same color palette. With black wigs, which are sometimes the perfect addition and sometimes complete failure, this collection is a sight for sore eyes.

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