CH Carolina Herrera holiday collection 2023: revealed elegance

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More photos

The holiday season at CH Carolina Herrera is a spectacle of elegance and festivity, as showcased in their 2023 Holiday Gift Guide...

The guide, featuring model Lulu Teni, presents a range of festive garments that encapsulate the essence of holiday cheer. We can see a colorful magenta dress, flowing with the grace of winter winds, and a shiny mini dress that sparkles like holiday lights, perfect for New Year's Eve. The clothing is a blend of classic holiday charm and contemporary fashion, symbolizing the brand's commitment to timeless elegance.

The appeal is further enhanced by statement accessories ranging from the sophisticated Doma Insignia bag to the playful Lacito Insignia and bold leopard print bags. Each piece highlights CH Carolina Herrera's commitment to luxury and style.

The setting of the guide further amplifies the holiday spirit, with plush red velvet couches and chairs adorned with the CH logo and gold accents, creating an atmosphere of luxury and warmth. This backdrop perfectly complements the outfits, making each one stand out in its unique glow.

The guide also points to the versatility of the brand in fashion, showcasing the CH Carolina Herrera woman dressed in animal print clothing, high collars, and wide-legged trousers. The CH Carolina Herrera Holiday Gift Guide is a continuation of the fashion narrative set by their resort campaign with Cara Delevingne.

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