Dior - new campaign with Jennifer Lawrence

First appointed as brand ambassador for Dior in 2013, Jennifer Lawrence again found itself in the role of the protagonist...

This young lady exudes elegance and sophistication. She's always wearing the latest trends, but without exaggeration and without errors. Her beauty is equally attractive because of her personality, and because of that she is considered to be one of the most powerful women in the world. With her twenty-six years she won an Oscar.

Always dressed in accordance with her age and occasion, the young actress now presented to us Diorama and Diorever bags in the new campaign of the brand. The new bags take a fraction of the personality of the actress – they are versatile, modern and elegant, and at the same time chic and relaxed.

You can wear them for any occasion - from a business meeting, hangouts with friends or a romantic date. One thing is certain - with these Dior bags, each outfit will look far better.

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