Five Casual Staples & How To Elevate Them

For many, living a luxurious lifestyle doesn't always seem completely feasible. After all, at the end of the day luxury goods and experiences are only really obtainable to those who have money to spare. However, we've pointed out before at Luxury Topics that there are ways to achieve a luxury look on a budget. To expand on that concept, we want to present a few ideas for how to elevate some of the most common, casual staples of an everyday wardrobe, and make them look chic and fabulous.

1. Black Blazer

It's not as if a black blazer is viewed as cheap or sloppy. Rather, it's just associated primarily with places of work. The truth is, this standard professional outerwear can be dressed up quite easily - and you don't need a particularly high-end blazer to make it happen. For example, H&M's fitted feminine blazer is specifically described as being made to look more expensive than it is - which can be just the thing to look for when you're going for a luxurious look on a budget! For a more formal event in a blazer of this sort, wear a plunging, white silk maxi dress and red, pointed-toe heels. As for accessories put on a long pendant necklace, a pair of silver hoops, and a pebbled leather cross body bag. You'll look not only quite stylish, but also like quite a lot of fun.

2. Oversized Crewneck Sweatshirt

An oversized crewneck sweatshirt typically isn’t worn to make a fashion statement. Rather, the comfy clothing item is typically seen at the gym, or in the privacy of people's homes. We'd contend, however, that some of the biggest stars of today - and most notably Ariana Grande - have actually brought about something of moment for the classic crew. The secret, in terms of elevating it, is treating it almost the way you'd treat a certain sort of dress. From there you can either wear strappy heels or thigh-high black suede boots. A silver statement watch and some sparkling rings will also add glamour to the look, such that even with a casual garment at its core, the ensemble looks very intentionally fashionable.

3. Flannel

Most everyone loves to have a flannel shirt or two on hand, but they're certainly regarded primarily for casual wear. That said, flannel doesn't need to make you look as if you've just come in from a camping trip. This attire, too, can be elevated. For starters, we'd suggest looking for some fun colours aside from the classic red-and-black image; we'd also suggest going for something that billows and breathes, because flannel shouldn't be form-fitting. In its lovely appeal to women of all shapes and sizes, Woman Within offers a range of flannel colours in comfortable fits, which can be just the thing to go for to optimise the garment's flexibility. With one of these tunic-length shirts, you'll have enough material to tuck into a leather mini skirt to turn it from outdoors-y into edgy in seconds. Finish off the look with some oversized sunglasses and a pair of black stiletto sock boots and you'll look wonderfully stylish.

4. Fitted Turtleneck

A fitted turtleneck is timeless and versatile classic, and certainly something that people are used to seeing dressed up somewhat, at least sometimes. You can usually find a very nice turtleneck at a budget price, and then set about framing it within a luxury ensemble. To get the most out of it, wear the top with a light pink vinyl midi skirt and a pair of lace-up peep-toe heels. Consider adding slightly eccentric accessories to this otherwise-elegant ensemble (like a python leather purse or a chain necklace). You'll be sure to turn heads.

5. White Button-Down

A good white button-down shirt can go with anything, and certainly doesn't have to cost you much. To give you some idea, a draped, oversize, "borrowed from the boys" button-down from Madewell would cost you less than $50 (or under £37), and it can absolutely be part of a more formal or luxurious look. You can wear it to work, for one thing, but it also works just fine for a dinner date or a night out at a nice event. To liven up the minimalist look of the shirt, opt for something like a metallic kimono, a black bodycon mini skirt, and sheer leggings. With the right shoes (platform patent leather Mary Janes perhaps?), you'll look fresh off the runway with a shirt that may cost less than your weekly latte expenses.

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