Impeccable beauty of contrasts in the new Chanel collection

"I was thinking about the shows that Karl told me about, when the models dressed and made up themselves"… This is how Virginie Viard describes the inspiration for her new collection and presentation…

With the digital fashion month coming to an end, Chanel brand presented its long-awaited fall / winter 2021 collection, which is inspired by famous brand’s old fashion shows. "The collection is a mixture of two influences - the ambiance of the winter holidays I adore and certain cool Parisian chic ideas from the 1970s to the present day," explains  Viard, adding that she was deeply inspired by Karl Lagerfeld and the old fashion shows he told her about.

“I love contrasts, so I wanted less space for voluminous winter pieces,” Viard says of choosing a location for her new presentation. And indeed, the location of the event was sensual, just like the collection itself, which plays with contrasts and accepts traditional Chanel codes. As expected, tweed is the absolute ruler of the collection, appearing on jackets, coats and suits in various shades.

When it comes to accessories, this time we could see belts with logos, ballet flats decorated with sequins, layered necklaces, wide-brimmed hats and of course bags.

"Today, some of these silhouettes remind me of Stella Tenant and her attractiveness, that is, the way she wore certain pieces," Viard said, paying tribute to the model who passed away in December last year.

You can see the entire collection in the gallery.

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