Natalia Vodianova Announces Spring Arrival in New Ferragamo Campaign

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More photos

Fashion house Ferragamo has unveiled its Spring/Summer 2024 campaign, ushering in a new chapter in exploring the essence of the Ferragamo woman.

In this campaign, the legendary supermodel Natalia Vodianova takes center stage, captured through the lens of Vanina Sorrenti. Maximilian Davis draws inspiration from Caribbean and Italian styles to design the Ferragamo Spring/Summer collection. From this blend of Caribbean warmth, vibrancy, and relaxation, and Italian elegance, modernity, and sophistication emerges a series of truly evocative and attractive proposals – a collection that is beautiful and functional at the same time.

Vodianova, adorned in elegant attire, complements her look with beautiful accessories such as the Hug or Fimma bag, sunglasses, and of course, footwear that complements the ensembles. This is set against an environment inspired by Italian style, a room adorned with vintage furniture in tones that allow for the absolute display of Natalia Vodianova herself and the Ferragamo Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

If you're one of those ladies who refuse to sacrifice elegance and comfort, this collection will pique your interest as it is almost a perfect example of what beautiful, useful, comfortable, and elegant clothing looks like.

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