Pamela Anderson in new Artizia campaign

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More photos

The campaign for Aritzia's Fall 2023 collection, starring the iconic blonde star Pamela Anderson, is moving outdoors...

Posing against the backdrop of a stunning landscape of lush greenery and oceanic style at her home in Ladysmith, Anderson effortlessly embodies the essence of the Aritzia Babaton collection.

This chic collaboration features a striking black blazer, tights, a sleeveless little black dress, a vegan coat, and oversized striped trousers – all expertly worn by Anderson in a manner that exudes boldness and naturalness.

The contrasting elements of Aritzia's Fall 2023 collection reflect the multi-faceted personality of the iconic blonde, capturing her charismatic charm and elegance. Her commanding presence elevates the clothing, transforming the shoot into dynamic moments. The selected styles Anderson wore showcase her fearless sense of fashion and ability to seamlessly blend seemingly disparate elements into a coherent and captivating look.

Earlier this year, Anderson continued to make waves in the fashion world by posing in collaboration with the brand Frankies Bikinis. She also took centre stage in a photoshoot for WSJ. magazine, aligning with the release of her memoir this year.

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