The List: Best blazers every women should own

Red lips, sky-high heels and the perfect blazer are all you need to feel powerful…

Once confined to boardrooms and the four walls of the office, blazers are back on the scene conquering every aspect of our lives. Adorned with elegant accents, such as glitter and gold threads, they seamlessly blend feminine grace and classic masculinity in a magnificent way. Whichever blazer you choose - whether it's an oversized Julia Roberts panache paired with trainers, or a fitted one that will never go out of style, your look will attract the attention of everyone you meet.

The blazer becomes your accomplice in gaining self-confidence, providing you with power, comfort and exuding a unique attitude that elevates you to a kind of pedestal. As a universal piece, now available in numerous styles, blazer is something you can wear practically every day in a whole new way - whether it's business style, casual, seductively sensual or nonchalantly chic.

The contemporary styles of blazers will give you the opportunity to create the outfits of your dreams, even if you add a pair of white trainers and your favourite jeans, which is why they have become a key investment for a functionally modern wardrobe.

With that in mind, in our gallery we reveal 22 ideal blazers that can easily find their place in your fashion arsenal.

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