The new Loro Piana collection plays with sumptuous fabrics

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For Autumn/Winter 2023, Loro Piana presents luxury for all occasions as it centres its new collection on the idea of 'stylish playfulness'.

Known for delivering fine fabrics and quality craftsmanship in the form of fine garments, the Italian brand now expands its range to include more versatile pieces that easily change the role they play, be it day or evening outfits. Bringing this concept to life, Loro Piana draws inspiration from equestrian styles, reimagining classic shapes using its sumptuous materials.

The new collection begins its journey with linen fibres, combined with the new CashDenim to produce tailored high collar jackets, trousers and hats. In addition to being lightweight, this garment is robust and maintains its perfectly angular structure. Crafted from rich alpaca wool, the mid-layers in the range include T-shirts and finely knit vests. Insulating wool is also mixed with other fibres to create voluminous trousers and tartan models.

Bringing pillowy textures to the collection, Loro Piana's famous Mongolian cashmere appears in shearling jackets, which are then embroidered with patterns inspired by folk costumes. The innovation of the CashFur is also presented in a coat that can be dressed up with its flowing dresses or more formal pants models.

Classic pieces that represent a mixture of suede and leather have been added to the collection. From quilted leather jackets to shopper-style bags, shades of brown tie together natural warm tones throughout the range. Finally, Loro Piana introduces new footwear styles such as boots, ballet flats and strappy heels, which have been playfully reimagined to emphasize the equestrian theme running through the design.

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