This year, the world's designers have tried with all their forces that their collections of summer wear shine throughout the world's catwalks and win the hearts of women ...

They have invested a lot of effort, creative ideas and the best materials so the thing that will be shining brightest this summer on you are their DRESSES...

The first half of the year has already flown. Despite the unstable weather and many meteorological surprises, we're in a hurry to take off all that layered clothing and to "jump" in light sandals, shirts and dresses as soon as possible. Of course, we must not forget to renew the collection of evening clothes, shoes and accessories, and everything that will make us shimmer in the warm summer nights - whether we choose a hot summer in the city or unforgetable adventures at some tropical destination.

It's about time that all those massive sweaters, warmer pants, boots, coats and jackets be overthrown and left aside - let them wait their turn next season. Start enjoying sun, high temperatures, lying on the beach and hot night breeze and allow yourself to create your own unforgetable moments that will surely mark your summer. And what is the thing that will make you feel feminine and seductive, and at the same time comfortable, confident and unique? The perfect dresses made by the world's best designers.

We present you top 10 summer dresses made by luxury fashion designers that we are sure will tickle your imagination and in which ones you'll see yourself in all your shine and glory.

1. VERSACE - cheerful & colorful dress

Donatella Versace said for her summer collection: "I release the Versace woman." By that, whe wanted to point out that the time has come to wear light clothing, and also that she wanted to combine ordinary things, like t-shirts and jeans, which are some of favorite pieces of clothing for all women, and to assign them the status of luxury. In this dress, cheerful-colored and floral-patterned, by using feminine and soft pink, purple and light blue, Donatella has fit together comfort and sexiness, while with the low waist, narrow cut, by leaving out straps and sleeves, and also with lower part of the dress swaying, she gave characteristics of hot summer days and freedom that summer brings us.

2. VIVIENNE WESTWOOD two-tone silk dress

For his spring-summer collection, called "Gold Label", Vivienne Westwood has been inspired by three major themes: the pilgrims, Frida Kahlo and Claudia Cardinale. In this dress, the strength and tenderness of women are connected and reflected in a compound of white silk material with elements of black floral design, so each woman who will be the proud owner of this piece of clothing, will be able to identify herself with the strength and pride of Frida Kahlo, the sensuality of Claudia Cardinale, and also be inspired by achieving her big goals, just like the pilgrims who traveled together to achieve their ultimate goals and ideas.



Alexander McQueen based his spring-summer collection on simple shapes, graphic forms and enhanced colors. The inspiration for this combination was found in many progressive artistic movements of the early 20th century. This two-tone dress, made of 100% cotton, has an interesting pattern - laser cut bars, and also has deeper neckline, pleated skirt and a waist belt.


With simple and distinctive design, regular square pattern, combination of classic black-and-white scheme and feminine model, well-known and highly esteemed Chanel, once again gave its seal, and that is what will mark the warm summer evenings around the world. Special emphasis on femininity and elegance were made by inserting a delicate lacy white print around the waist, and right this blend of classical style and sophistication are the things that, even those with the most discerning taste for fashion, like for sure.


With a special dose of extravagance, fitting together white, dark purple and beige "caffè latte" colour into nearly zebra-print, while emphasizing the formality of flat models, but not forgetting to emphasize, with the belt, the highlight and an important female feature - waist, Fendi has, once again, justified the expectations. If you want to look stylish, futuristic and serious, and also enjoy the luxury model of summer dress - Fendi is the right choice for you.



Quite the opposite and unique, delicate and refined, the Burberry dress in lilac colour is an ultimate summer hit. We all know that this color is the season "must-have“, as well as the lace, which covered the whole dress, is another symbol of femininity and romance. The cut of the dress that follows body line, deep cleavage and wide belt at the waist, will highlight your best attributes and surely will entice glances of all around you during the summer.


The right choice for hot summer nights, parties and coctails at the seaside or on yachts, or just for an enjoyment on a romantic dinner with your loved one - Givenchy itself. Lightweight silky material that follows your body line softly, the color of desert sand that will emphasize your tan, tiny wrinkles and strip joints between the neck and waist line, will make everyone who wears it glow with natural beauty and uniqueness at every step.


Exclusive Valentino, through this short dress, has emphasized sex appeal that every woman carries inside herself, while with a combination of lace, dark green and purple colour, and with wide sleeves also, totally left an impression of the Orient. If you want to highlight your legs and the whole figure, and to leave a trail of mystery and sophistication while you are walking, you will love this Valentino dress the first moment you put it on.


Phenomenal among equally good ones, this summer Prada will be the right choice for all the city ladies, as well as those who want to show their uniqueness and emphasize strength with reduced models, face-prints and bright colors. Straight cut without sleeves and almost straight neckline will give you great opportunity to free your inner rebel.


With its spring-summer collection, Gucci has left a unique impression of elegance and delicacy. Dark semi-transparent materials, combined with red and purple colour, as well as irregular and feminine patterns, will be a true indicator of your femininity and strength, courage and determination for everyone around you.

Whatever model and the creator you choose, one thing is certain - you will mark this summer in your own, unique way. You will enjoy the pleasant materials, and with this special models you will be able to point up all your best features. Beside that, you will also notice that, at every step, everybody will turn round for you, and we are sure that this summer, in dresses like these, will be your best summer ever.

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