Winter Fashion Tips for Remaining Warm While Looking Great


As summer transitions to fall and then to winter, a lot of people look forward to revamping their wardrobes.

While many people love the easy fashion associated with warmer weather, colder weather can allow you to try something new while remaining warm. You might already have a winter jumper that you love, but you will quickly get tired of wearing it every day as winter rolls on. Here are some practical tips to help you look stylish as you remain warm this winter.

Layer Stylishly

To many people, the idea of layering is to throw on as many clothes as they can find to keep warm when the temperatures fall. While this is the most practical reason for doing it, it does not mean you have to look terrible when doing it. The key to looking great while layering is finding items you can layer over or under trendier clothing.

For layering under trendier coats and jackets, you can pick an ultrathin, lightweight puffer from a luxury brand of your choice. These can be layered under jackets, sweaters and coats. If you do not mind something bulkier on the outside, you can layer an oversized puffer jacket on top of a vest or sweater. Even though they look great, you should avoid oversized puff vests during the winter as they will leave you cold when the temperatures fall.

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Get a Good Pair of Boots

Great winter style is also affected by the boots you wear. If you have a good pair of boots, you can show them off by pairing them with a good pair of jeans and a coat for layering. Do not wear them with skirts like you would do at any other time of the year because you will end up freezing.

You will need a few pairs of practical winter boots. Remember that the surface will be sleek, and you might have to walk through mud, water and snow to get to where you are going. If you drive everywhere and thus do not walk a lot, consider owning at least one fun pair of boots. These will be mainly for parties and the like, with higher boots being the better option for the colder weather.

Add a Belt to Your Ensemble

This is not a practical tip but rather a fashionable one. By the time January rolls around, you will likely be tired from wearing the same winter coat over and over. Accessorizing with a stylish belt can change your outlook, and you might even start enjoying wearing the coat again.

Using a belt to cinch your waist will accentuate your silhouette and can make it seem like you are wearing a different coat. This trick works for any coat that is long enough to reach at least your knees if wearing boots and your ankles if wearing other shoes as it can make the coat shorter.

Finding a belt that is a similar color to your coat will make the belt less obvious, but you can always go with a gold or colored buckle to break up the monotone look.

Experiment with Scarves

Scarves are great accessories, especially when you are unsure whether your coat or layering will be warm enough. Having them can also be great for when the weather turns when you are out and about. The versatility of scarves makes them accessories, layering pieces and fashion accessories depending on how you use them. There are also different types of scarves depending on the look you are going for and how you will use them. You also get to choose from different colors, although opting for colors that go well with your coat is the best option.

Avoid Cotton as Much as You Can

Cotton is an amazing material for warm weather because it is a breathable material. The main downside of cotton is that it holds a lot of water. This can make you very uncomfortable during the winter months when you have a lot of layers over other clothing.

Instead, go for clothes made out of other natural materials such as wool and silk, and synthetic materials that provide good insulation such as polyester. Polyester can come in handy when layering because it repels water and protects you from the strong and chilly winds of winter. Polyester also wicks moisture and dries very quickly, which is ideal in cold and wet environments and also for when you have layered up well.

While it is tempting to pick up the warmest clothes you can during winter, that does not mean you cannot look stylish while remaining warm and comfortable. Making a few changes and adding a few things to your ensemble should enable this.

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